Saturday, May 21, 2016

Looking for Guitar Parts

I have mentioned before that my niece and nephew are playing the guitars. They are actually learning it on their own and I’m impressed how they were able to catch up. Well, probably music is also in our blood, after all, our surname has produced a well known singer in the 60s or 70s, though I am not blessed to have the talent, at least the next generation is.  

My nephew’s guitar had a minor problem and is currently looking for ibanez guitar parts for replacement. I hope he’ll find it as soon as possible and start playing his guitar again.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Exposing Toddlers to Music

Toddlers enjoy music, they usually sing-along with nursery rhymes or enjoys hearing mom and dad sing even though they are out of tune. Music is part of a toddler’s life. My 2 year and 6 month old girl enjoys singing along with the nursery rhymes and keeps on demanding to sing to her the “twinkle-twinkle”, the ABC, the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, etc. Music helps develop the child’s sensory development and can also help in teaching basics, like singing along the ABC. My toddler has learned the ABCs, not only memorize, but also recognize them all.

Our next step is introducing music instruments, like tapping the Orange County Drums to go along with the rhythm. I hope with these instruments, it will really spark the interest of my child.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mistakenly Fueled with Gasoline

After our Visita Iglesia @ 1:40PM, we dropped at Shell Station along JR Borja Extension near Maria Reyna Hospital for a quick refueling. Though the car still has few liters in it, husband has decided to add P500 worth of fuel since; he’ll be taking the car with him to work. (Husband was on graveyard shift, and will be coming out 6am on Good Friday, that means there will be no bus or public transport available).

As usual, he told the gas boy to fill the car with Fuel Saved Diesel, but in spite of the reminder and the diesel sticker on the tank cover, the pump boy mistakenly fuelled the car with gasoline. Husband hurriedly switched off the car, when he saw the display. Then verified the boy, what he really put on the tank. And it was indeed Gasoline fueled into a Diesel engine car.

Hah! Can’t help but be concerned that it will cause great damage to our one and only car.

They pushed the car aside and started draining the fuel tank. An hour wait for the whole process, with my head started to ache, because of hunger. We did not eat yet, since we wanted to complete our Visita Iglesia first before having our lunch at AA Barbeque. Good thing, one of the staffs bought bread and soft drinks for us.

Thirty one (31) liters, including the spilled gas were collected, minus the 12+ liters gasoline added a while ago, that means 19 liters of diesel was initially in the tank and were replaced with a new diesel fuel plus 17+ liters equivalent to P500.00, a total of 36 liters of clean diesel were refueled.

Hubby cleaned up the filter first before starting the car, about 500ml of contaminated fuel had reached that area. After that, hubby started the car and we took off without other problems encountered.  

Though, the situation will really anger us, but husband and I chose to be calm, after all we just had out Lent Reflection. Maybe the pump boy has something in mind, a problem or whatsoever when he fueled the car that led to his mistake.

The situation also tested us if we can forgive others for the mistakes that they have done, and we just did. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Denver Broncos Jewelry

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photo credits to owner
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If you are a proud fan, you can actually wear some of the Joy Jewelers broncos jewelry and accessories, like Denver Super Bowl 50 watches, Denver Broncos Logo Pendants, cufflinks, or the very lovely logo dangling earrings for ladies. Wearing these Broncos jewelries is one way of showing your support, love and team spirit for the Denver Broncos. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Djembe

I saw this instrument in one of the musical performances. It looks like a drum, but being played using bare hands. After searching the net, I found out that it is called djembe or jembe, a musical instrument originated from West Africa that means gather peacefully.

Djembe can stand as a solo instrument, because it is very loud and can produce a variety of sounds. When played by a highly skilled drummer, the music produced really tells a very touching story.  My friend is currently looking for a deal on Djembe kit, for he is inspired to try the instrument.