Thursday, August 25, 2016

Choosing the Best Painting Service

One of the biggest dreams we have is to have our own house, a place we will call our home. But the situations are holding us from realizing it. Today, one of the many requirements to have the piece of land we have purchased like 5 years ago have the land title transferred to our name is here, a good accomplishment, one at a time, and in a few months, God willing will be able to build our dream house. 

Building one with a limited budget is not easy, but we are trying our best to build according to plan, according to budget. We don’t want to compromise the materials, hence, a progressive type house that will start from small one and expanded over time when budget allows.

Aside from having to use high quality materials, we also want to paint our house that will last a lifetime if possible. There are a lot of house painters now a day from that will only ask for a minimal labor and material cost but quality may come at risk. Thus, having the best house and building painting company to do the job like the boston south shore painting is definitely the right choice.  

Currently the Top Rated Painter in the beautiful town of Boston South Shore, Pro Shield Painters offers the best service they can. They do interior and exterior painting, and the preparations for these jobs are very thorough and very professionally done. From washing the surface to filling the crack holes and sand smooth surface before applying high quality paint. They do not apply paint for the sake of applying but using only the proper tools and best technique. And after which they will conduct a thorough inspection, final touch-up and cleanup the area before turning over to the owner.  That is how Pro Shield Painters are, providing only the best service in their field.     

Monday, August 15, 2016

Superior Drummer for Everyone

Technology has evolved tremendously in almost all aspects. Those that need to be done manually before are now controlled by computers. Almost all non living things can be run by a software, manipulated by a program, including the music scene. Before, a drummer must hit the drum set with sticks to produce sounds, to include in a very effective recording, but these days, drums can be played and incorporated using softwares. Even the no drummer can record music with drums in the background using the superior drummer. It gives those without the talent in playing drums the best and suitable drum recordings with just a click of the mouse.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Nutri 10 Plus is Here

I signed up for free products via Mommy Bloggers. This time Wert Philippines is giving away free Nutri-10 Plus Syrup in exchange for a review. Commented my details and left not expecting to be picked, because I have tried a few times but wasn’t lucky enough to be picked or maybe I was too late and already beyond the cutoff.  One week later Mommy Lani, sent me a personal message asking for my shipping address and contact information which I gladly complied right away.

After a few days, a package arrived on our doorstep. Inside was a red pouch from Wert with 3 120ml bottles of Nutri-10 Plus Syrup. Yippee! I can’t wait to have these food supplements to be tried by my kids.

Since, I only have 2 kids and I want to share the blessing, I gave 1 bottle to my sister-in-law and asked her for observations after his son has taken it. Hmm, maybe few days from now, I’ll have to interview her. For now, my son has started taking the supplement, let’s see if Nutri 10 Plus will do wonders and will improve my son’s appetite. winks*

So please stay tuned..

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unboxing the Buribox Toddler

Curious what the box is all about + the “free thing” pushed me to sign up for a free Buribox that fellow blogger and owner of Mamanee’s Nest shared on the Mommy Bloggers Philippines FB Page two months back. 

There were two sets of Buribox to choose from, The Young Reader Buribox 6-8 year olds and The Toddler Buribox for 3-5 year olds. Since, I have a 2.6 year old toddler, I chose the latter. 

A few days later, with only P150.00 for the shipping cost, The Toddler Buribox landed on our doorsteps. Even though, husband was curious what the package was, he opted not to open it and waited for me to come home from the office. 

Created by Adarna House, The Buribox Toddler contains storybooks, preschool worksheets in English and Filipino, art materials and an envelope for Parents with a written guide on how to use the contents of the box. The books and the worksheets are all made of quality materials that will last long even with continuous used by kids. Oh, the box really looks cute. 

Overall, I found the box to be very useful and recommendable at a monthly subscription of P799 you’ll about 4-5 new preschool books + multiple activities and worksheets + useful art materials for our kids to enjoy. 

Thanks Buribox for these wonderful gifts for my little girl. And thanks sis Marie for sharing the love. :-)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Do you know what pedal refers in music?

As a non music person, I really do not know what it is until I read an article regarding it in a music magazine. Pedals or effect units are actually devices that change the sound of musical instruments or audio sounds. 

Musicians usually use this electronic device during live performances or studio recording to put color or dramatic effects in the sound.  This is often used with electronic or electric instruments such as the electric guitar, electric piano or electronic keyboard, etc. 

So if you see devices mounted on a pedal train, like those above, don’t be surprised to its complexity, they are called pedals for the musicians.