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Friday, July 11, 2014

Jewel is 8

How time flies, our baby girl is already 8 months old. I can still remember the night I shivered because my amniotic sac or the bag of water broke, too early at 33 weeks gestation. I feared that problems may arise, because of the pre-term delivery. But God is so good at all times, He did not forsake us. Jewel is growing up at beautifully at her own pace.

Today, like any other monthsaries we celebrated Jewel's milestone with a cake and a lot of pictures.

And she never fails to smile and even make faces sometimes. She is so adorable, a total stress reliever. And I always thank God for giving Xye and Jewel to us. :-)

By the way the pink themed chocolate cake is from Kathryns @ P400.00
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Homemade Baby Food: Carrot and Potato Combo Puree

Homemade baby food is truly versatile. You can actually mix and match fruits and vegetables to feed your baby by the time she reach 6months, of course you have to consult your doctor first before anything else.

My baby is turning 8 months on the 10th, thus I already introduced her to vegetable combos for more than a month now. Sometimes, she had an all pureed veggies or mixed with powdered rice. The same, she loved them all. 

Here’s a very simple homemade baby food recipe that I have given my baby girl, a carrot and potato combo puree that you can try at home too.

What You Need:
2 medium size carrots peeled and diced
3 medium size potatoes peeled and diced
Food processor or blender
Storage containers

Steam or boil the vegetables in a little water until tender, i.e. to preserve the nutrients.

Toss the vegetables in the blender. You can add the water you used to boil or steam, breast milk or formula to achieve desired consistency.

Place the puree in the container. This time I made used of an ice cube trays, freeze then transferred to Ziplock and stock them in the freezer.

For this recipe , I made about 20 cubes of carrots and potato homemade baby food puree.

When almost feeding time, I’ll take out about 4 cubes, put it in a glass container, heat in the microwave then let cool. Always make sure that the puree is cool enough for the baby to consume.

Nutritional Facts

Carrots are well-known beneficial in promoting good vision. It is said to be the best source of beta carotene from vegetables, which our body converts to Vitamin A. Antioxidant that helps our body guard against serious diseases. On the other hand, potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and potassium which are beneficial to our baby’s health.
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

EQ Baby Club Membership

After more than two months of waiting, and thinking that my membership application got lost while on transit to their main office, my EQ Baby Club membership card has finally arrived on Tuesday afternoon July 1, 2014.

The  8-digit number written on the card is needed to activate my membership. And as an activated member, it entitles me to avail the exclusive treats and privileges that EQ Baby Diapers will offer. I can now join the bidding for new and exciting items that EQ will offer weekly or monthly with points I gained by buying EQ diapers and by joining their online games. Isn’t it exciting? At least I and my babies can get rewards from being loyal to EQ diapers. 

Want to be a member too? Check out their website to learn more.

Also, I already submitted a total of 80 points of EQ diaper wrappers to their branch office here in Cagayan de Oro and is looking forward for the 4 very cute EQ play pals to be delivered soon.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Shifting to Glass Baby Food Storage

Thanks to Maan for sharing about abandoning plastic toddlers/baby's feeding stuffs, made me read more about plastic. Though plastic stuffs for babies are said to be BPA free, these containers actually have other chemicals equally harmful to the human body, that leaks off of our food when heat is applied (microwave).

If you have read about my previous post, I already purchased some baby food storage containers made of plastic. The cute design, the affordability + the BPA FREE written in bold letters were the main reasons why I chose them. Little do I know that these plastic containers may harm my baby's health maybe not today but in the future. 

On Wednesday last week, after office hours I purposely went to Gaisano Mall, to get one or two glass storage containers, or glass bowls that are microwave and freezer safe. I was looking for Pyrex or Luminarc bowls with lid, but have not seen one, instead I spotted these 210ml glass containers from Glasslock. 

I think this brand is the glass counterpart of the well known plastic storage "Lock n Lock". Not sure though, but are equally made in Korea.

As the label implied, Glasslock is made of heat-resistant tempered glass, making it non-fragile compared to other glasswares. Non-toxic, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and also dishwasher safe.

These 210ml containers are just the right size for my baby. Because she can actually consume that much of homemade baby food in one sitting.

Considering the following features:

- Non-Toxic, BPA-free - check
- Microwave Safe - check (Tried and tested without the lid)
- Freezer Safe - check
- Dishwasher - check (though I don't have dishwasher at home)
- Durable, Non-fragile

Overall, though a little pricey at P259.00 for a 210ml container, I think I found the right partner for now.  I'm not closing the doors yet, I'm still in the search for other brands that will satisfy our needs.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Common Houseplants that are Harmful to Our Pets

As much as we love indoor plants because they not only beautify our home, but as well as enhancing our quality of life by giving us purified air, humidity and clean oxygen we should be aware and keep these plants away from our pets, because these plants may be useful to us but can be harmful to them.  

Here are some of the very common plants that are harmful to our pets/animals;
photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner
Aloe Vera – is a well know medicinal plant to humans, but if eaten by animals it can cause them gastrointestinal upset, like diarrhea.

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner
Caladium – comes in a variety of colors, a very attractive foliage that will surely embellish your home, but is also harmful to animals because if eaten it can cause, oral irritation, upset stomach, seizures,  and even death.

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner

Poinsettias – the most loved indoor plants during the Christmas season and is considered as the most toxic indoor plant. When ingested with large amount, it may cause vomiting, anorexia and depression to our beloved animals. So better to keep it away from them, also the milky sap that Poinsettias produce can cause skin irritation. 

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner

Chrysanthemum- also known as “Mums” have very attractive flowers  of different colors. Take note that these flowers are toxic to animals. If swallowed can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, depression and also dermatitis.  

If the above plants were accidentally eaten by our pets, closely observe the signs and symptoms then call the veterinarian for help.  Finding the prescription given by the veterinarian may be bought at Entirely Pets Pharmacy.  

You can read more about these plants at
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

37 Things About My Partner in Life

Today, husband is celebrating another year of his life. And as much as we want to have a little celebration at home, we simply can’t because of duty call. He needed to be at work today until Saturday afternoon.  That means only the three of us will be celebrating at home tonight.

Anyway, since it’s his 37th Birthday, I just want to share 37 things about the man I chose to spend my whole life with. A supposedly secret, but chose to reveal them without his consent hehehe... so here goes...

1.       The same birth date with our National Hero Jose Rizal

2.       Pure blooded Ilocano but was born and raised in Mindanao

3.       A dark skinned guy

4.       Stands 5’8”

5.       With more gray hair than black

6.       An electrical engineer by profession

7.       A jack of all trade (can repair just about anything, but hesitates in repairing shoes)

8.       An experimental cook sometimes

9.       A humble person  with no sign of boastfulness

10.   Prefers Kopiko black than Nescafe 3-in-1

11.    Hates junk foods

12.   As much as possible will only eat 3 full meals

13.   That is why he’s slim but not skinny

14.   Who loves to watch National Geographic and Discovery Channels

15.   Who loves to read technical/technology/auto magazines

16.   Our very own walking encyclopedia

17.   Who owns more or less 5 not so expensive watches because it’s the only accessories he wears aside from the wedding ring and

18.   Can’t leave the house without his dark shades for sun protection

19.   Like me who is also nearsighted

20.   Can only play badminton out of so many sports. Thanks to me, for patiently teaching a non-sporty guy. toinks! Hehehe

21.   A Maria Sharapova fan

22.   An ordinary, non-romantic guy

23.   Who seldom give flowers or chocolates

24.   Who constantly ask what I want as a gift, because he do not know how to chose one

25.   But a loving husband in his own way

26.   Who holds my hands even in public places

27.   My first boyfriend

28.   My last boyfriend

29.    My ex-boyfriend for 7 years

30.   My adviser

31.   My confidante

32.   My soul mate

33.   My best friend

34.   My first love

35.   My last love

36.   My partner in life

37.   The best father to our children

To the man of our lives, Happy Birthday to you and we love you so much.

I hope you like our gift to you, a very simple one dahil wala na budget.. hehehe

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