Monday, April 20, 2015

Rambling while Waiting at the Clinic

My busy schedules offline has prevented me from doing the other side of myself online. That includes updating my blogs, do the comment exchange run by my favorite bloggers community and the alexa blog hop. As much as I wanted to do them in the midst of my schedules I just can't because the day at work really leaves me stressed out. I am always praying and wishing that the new hires will start as soon as possible so that the other responsibilities that are currently delegated to us (my colleague as well) will be relieved.

Anyway, in spite of the very busy and stressful work at least the company had compensated us enough and that I am thankful of. 

Soon when I have the strength and time to do the things online during night time, I make sure to update and write all of the event listed.

For the meantime I am ending this post for now, because it will be my turn to see my doctor.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

iprice: Your One Stop Shopping Destination

Do you love shopping online? Well, I do! Very much!

Going physically to malls is a privilege that I do not have lately because of my very busy schedule. That is why I am so happy that online shopping had gone wild in the past years and is going much stronger every year. Online shopping is my only way to get things I need just a mouse click away.

With the rising of so many online stores, finding the items we want can be tough. Imagine going from one shop to another just to find what we are looking for? Hence, a one stop shop that gathers most of the renowned online stores is what we really need. Thank heavens! was born to solve our dilemma.

iprice, carrying the catchphrase as  “Your One Stop Shopping Destination” has partnered with the leading online stores in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, like Zalora, Lazada, Romwe, Banana Republic, etc. Bringing together the top of the line and most reputable brands in one easy to manage platform.

Items are perfectly categorized for our convenient, thus, finding the sought after piece is effortless.

Aside from that, who does not want coupons? Of course, none! All of us want coupons and  is indeed giving us the answers that our pockets need because they also provided a “coupons section” where we can find the latest deals and promos of their partners. 

Truly amazing! Ha! So what are you waiting for, check out iprice and discover the convenience of online shopping. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Purple Feeding Bottle Coin Bank is Full! Let’s Count It!

In the last quarter of 2013, I bought his purple “feeding bottle” coin bank together with a set of shape sorter from SM Supermarket at around P75.00. I was going after the educational toy for my son, the coin bank was an extra item that I thought I have no used of.

It was in the early months of last year that I thought of using the coin bank for my son’s, “fine motor” exercise. From time to time, I gave him different coins for him to drop in the small hole of the coin bank. It was actually hitting two stones at the same time, a therapy + saving.

The other day, with a bottle coin bank full that weighed approximately 3 kilograms hubby and I decided to open it up. Counting and wondering how much the little boy had able to drop. He doesn't understand yet what saving is all about, or money in particular, but we let him do it, because of the purpose stated above and that in the days to come he will understand what he have done during these years.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Donate Blood Save Lives! My First Try!

The last time I tried participating in the bloodletting program held at our district office thru Philippine Red Cross, I failed. I was not allowed to donate blood that time because I did not pass the initial testing, maybe because I only slept about 5 hours the night before.

Yesterday, another bloodletting program was conducted. I was informed in advance by our company nurse of the said activity, thus I was able to prepare and really had a beauty sleep. So, this time I passed and was allowed to donate my type “A” blood to PRC and anyone who needs it, will probably save his or her life.

Since it was my first time, the nurse had difficulty finding the main nerve. It was painful at first, but after the hose was attached and blood already flowing I did not feel anything except for the ball I am holding/rolling on my hand. A few minutes later the 450ml bag was full of my type “A” blood, also just in time that my arm starting to feel numb.

After the hose was pulled out, I was advised to rest and stayed on the bed for a few minutes, then sit for another few more minutes before heading back to my work station which is located on the second floor of the other building.

I did not feel any pain or nauseated except the satisfaction that I can help others thru the blood I gave. This will not be my first and last blood donation. I hope to participate in another bloodletting program 3 months after. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Funny Valentines 2015

As far as I remember hubby and I had a Valentine’s Day dinner only once in our almost 14 years together, that was one of the years that we were still going out as boyfriend-girlfriend, and had received a rose with cute bear via LBC when I was still working in the head office at QC. Valentine’s Day is not really a big deal to us, also hubby is not a romantic type of person, but because it’s a trend that during this day flowers and chocolates are something to look forward too, I think there is no harm to ask for something once in a while. 

This year, I kept asking J what he’ll give me for Valentines because I already got the two bangles I wished for on my birthday, I erased the idea of asking for another. Anyway, the funny part was, while looking for the butter in the fridge the two nights before Valentines for the strawberry cheesecake, I spotted something tightly wrapped in bond paper. Curiosity strikes, I purposely took it and found this bundle of Toblerone Chocolates. I asked hubby if he bought them, he told me “I was supposed to give it to my wife tomorrow, but she opened it up before I got a chance to give it to her”.Ahahaha! Ayun, nabuking tuloy, kung bakit ba kasi hindi man lang ako nagpigil na buksan ang nakabalot hehehe!  Anyway, the chocolates he gave me are still in the fridge and soon he’ll be the one to eat it, because he keeps on pestering me not to eat chocolates since I wanted to lose weight.