Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday Mayhem # 2 - The Bathroom

Today's meme- Bathroom Musings

1. What do you read when you are sitting on the toilet?


2. Do you pee in the shower?

-Yes, while taking the shower

3. Do you always wash your hands after you use the toilet?

-Yes, I do

4. Do you allow someone to come into the bathroom while you are using the toilet?


5. Do you clean your shower in the nude?


6. When you use the toilet at someone else's house do you go through their medicine cabinet and/or their bathroom cabinets and drawers?

-Nope! Private Property

7. For the Men...Have you ever left the toilet seat up on purpose to irritate the woman in your life?


8. For the Women...Have you ever fallen into the toilet because someone left the toilet seat up?

-Not Yet

9. Do you courtesy flush?

-Yes Of Course

10. Do you light a match or a candle or spray an air freshner when you are finished pooping?

-No, should I? lol

11. Have you ever fallen asleep on the toilet?

-Honestly, Yes!

12. What is the strangest thing you have ever flushed down the toilet?

-Is flushing my pet's poop a strangest thing? Then it's Yes! lol

Have a Happy Monday!

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Saturday Night at the Bar

Nothing much have been done this weekend except we had our usual badminton game on a Saturday night and after that we spend the rest of the night at our favorite hangout in town. Paeng's Resto Bar since it's a Saturday therefore it's an Acoustic Night at Paeng's.

These are the two performers, Jeffrey the all around singer and his partner in charge of the keyword who knows how to play almost all the songs I believe.

The boys had a couple of beer.

While Mia and I ate the barbeque.

As usual my husband and I and the rest of the gang went home past midnight.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday Fill-in # 161

1. Wouldn't it be easy if the streets are empty? I hate traffic in the morning huh!.
2. I just hope things are going to be better than ever!
3. I love the taste of decaffeinated coffee and yearning for a cup now.
4. My cute kulit terrier pet Bambam rummaged all the things in the living room.
5. The first thing we're going to do is to have our car's headlight checked.
6. A little drip, drip, drip; and it's getting faster and heavier, the sky started pouring heavy rain.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to play at least 3 sets of badminton game, tomorrow my plans include drive to Cagayan de Oro City and Sunday, I want to sleep the whole day!

Grilled PorK Chop

This is a grilled pork chop. Reddish meat right? because it was marinated using red wine. The taste was different but yummy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
~Winnie the Pooh

This is my Sepia Scene with my cutie Bambam as the actress.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where is My Davao Shirt?

As far as I can remember I been to Davao about a couple years ago and I bought a Davao shirt as a souvenir but unfortunately I lost it somewhere.

Yesterday a very good friend in blogosphere Vernz from Davao invited me to join her first Giveaway on her new blog "Some Things Are Free", and she's giving a away 2 gorgeous Davao Shirts (1 for male and 1 for female).

All you have to do is be her follower, post comments here and blog about her January's Giveaway. Simple right? So what are you waiting for join the fun!

B is for Bag and Black Forest Cake

Aside from the Cherry mobile phone that my hubby gave me for my birthday, I received also a Celine ladies bag from my friend. It was a surprise gift sent to me by my long lost friend from college.

and a Red Ribbon's Black Forest Cake from Mia Fe.

Thank you for remembering, LOVE YAH!


Birthday means FOODs

Another great year has passed and I always thank Lord Almighty for giving me another year and for all the blessings He had showered to us. So in return I had to share the blessings too by giving away a birthday lunch party. I had lunch catered at our office good for 30+ persons intended for my officemates. I wasn’t able to get any pictures because I was busy the whole morning and my mine was kind of full.

Ninang Terry, one of our wedding principal sponsors did the preparations, the meal includes seven (7) viands namely lechon baboy, sinugba, kinilaw, fish fillet, sotanghon, beefsteak and steamed shrimps and don’t forget the rice and dessert too. We had fresh fruit salad and 1 whole ube cake for dessert. Everyone was so full at the end of the lunch date.

Next stop, DINNER. We had another celebration this time with friends and friends. We met at Paeng’s Resto Bar for dinner and sung our hearts out after at Ladies Burger.

Nice did the order and when she does expect more more foods. Here’s the menu:

All in 2 orders each. Grabeh nang! mura ta ga hikog ani! hahaha

Aren’t you hungry yet?

Until my next birthday.

Next Post: The Gifts I Have received on my birthday…

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Care for a Cup of Cappuccino?

Whenever I'm in a coffee shop I'll see to it my order will be a cup of cappuccino.

So today I'll share to you a cup of cappuccino to refresh your boring day if it was indeed boring, in my case it definitely was and it's still raining here in Iligan since this afternoon.

What is a cappuccino? According to my friend wikipedia cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam. It differs from cafe latte because it is prepared with much less steamed or textured milk than the caffè latte.

So that's it my Yummy Sunday for you, my favorite cup of cappuccino from Brews Almighty in Iligan City.

Sunday Karaoke and Poker

Sunday and it's a bit boring day. So I sent sms to my BFF Nice to spend the rest of the afternoon with me here at the apartment. My husband has to left before 4pm for work, he'll be home tomorrow morning after his shift.

(This is Nice conquering the microphone)

First we sung our hearts out using Nice's dvd karaoke player (she brought it with her since i don't have the player yet, need to buy one soon hehehe) and heavy rain started to fall, so we stopped singing maybe we're the reasons why it rained so much. hehehe

(Digiscrapbook Elements by Scrapping Delights)

What else did we do, hmmm we played poker on Facebook instead, we're afraid that a flash flood might occur because of our voices. So we opened our account separately, she's using the desktop while I'm on my laptop. Honestly, I'm not a fan of FB's poker, I'm not patient enough to wait and wait for my turn, then always turned out losing. But today, I was able to win few of my games since Nice (she's a professional poker player on FB hehehe) and I played on the same table. She was the one telling me if I'll raise, call or fold. So that's it I was able to win more chips. lol

This was a lucky day for me on poker. Yippee!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Busy Friday

Why is my blog empty for today's posting? Well, it is because I was busy the whole day today at work. First hour in the morning we have to move our things temporarily at the 2nd floor of our office building because the supplier for our new office system will be installing the cubicles, cabinets, etc. this weekend. So our group who is occupying the ground floor of the new building has to vacate the area first and return after the everything is in place.

Particularly our section, who has so many daily reports to be accomplished, we're the first to transfer at the second floor and had our computers and LAN connection installed. And since it's Friday we have reports in line to be accomplish before the day ends.

That is the reason I wasn't able to do my post on both my blogs.

Have a Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FB Wishlist Earnings

Yippee! I found a $2.00 USD in my paypal account. Sent by Paypal Private Limited ROW Masspay for participating in Facebook Wishlist promotion. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NY Resolution - Change the Curtains

I had a New Year resolution i.e. to change the curtains. I bought 7 piece curtain when we moved in to our present apartment in July 2009. These were only intended for the 7 huge windows at the ground level of the apartment, I bought 2 sets 6-piece curtains too for the 2-big bedrooms on the second floor. Aside from the main curtains I doubled the windows on the ground floor with lace curtains to minimize dust entry since we occupied the door 1 (along the highway) of the 11-door apartment.

It took me 4 months to decide to buy another set. Last month I finally bought 7-piece curtains (P 240.00 each) at Novo. Since it is a bit costly, I'm scheduling my next project to buy 2 sets of curtains for the windows upstairs next month.

These are the curtains, pinkish peach cloth with flower prints.

We've traveled to Bukidnon on New Year's Day so hubby and I did our curtain makeover after the vacation.

A is for Adorable

"I'm shy and I want to cry" this was the impression given to me by this little adorable girl, daughter of my hubby's cousin. A is for Amiya that is her name.

She's so pretty but she's not in the mood for pictorial, because she still feels the pain after her ears were pierced. Nevertheless, I still took her photo. She looked so cute while doing the whining thing.

Adorable faces seems to be a pretty subject for Sepia too.



Monday, January 18, 2010


I received an email from a very good friend Kathleya, she's already in Atlanta, USA right now and I want to share this to all of you. An inspiring and very true meaning of FRIENDSHIP.

Somewhere between the *procrastination* and the homework..

and the incessant forwards
and the friendships and the calls
to each other complaining about CrUsHeS and
BF/GF!! Somewhere between the phone calls to old
and the "I miss you's", the "I love you's" and
the "
What are we doing tonight's?" And somewhere
between all of the changing and growing...
between the classes and the skipping
...and the StUdYiNg for teStS...And the
PRETENDING to "StUdY" for TeStS...
And the
downright NOT StUdYiNg for TeStS...
I forgot--I forgot what
ScHooL was all about.

Somewhere between all the appointments, starbucks coffee,
and McDonald's... paying bills and then not paying bills...
Making plans then breaking plans... Appearing, Disappearing,
then reappearing
... I forgot--I forgot what it was like to cry.
I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you
happy... And that pretending to
SmArT doesn't make you smart .. I forgot
that you can't just
forget the past in
fear of the FUTURE... I forgot that you
control falling in LoVe..
And that you can't make yourself
fall in *LoVe*
.... I learned that I can LOVE... I
learned that it's okay to MEsS UP....
And it's okay to
ask for HELP!!!.. And it's
okay to feel like crap... I learned it's okay to cOmPLaiN
and wHINe to all your friends for a whole day........
I learned that
sometimes the things you want
most you just can't have and the things that
you look for are right in front of you.
I learned that the greatest thing about
HiGh ScHOoL and CoLLeGe and the working world
it isn't about the parties or the
DRiNKiNG or the Hookups ...

It's the *FrIeNdShIpS*, which means taking chances.
I learned that
sometimes the things we want to forget
are the things which we most need to
talk about...
I learned that
TIME and LOVE can heal all things...
I learned that just when you
t hink it can't get worse - it does! ...
but with the
love and support of friends - you survive...
I've learned that when you start feeling
about L O S I N G touch and about those that you've lost!
They too, are feeling the
same way....

I learned that letters from friends are the
most important things. And that sending cards to your
friends makes you feel better! But, basically, I just learned
that my friends........ Both
old and new..... are the most important
people to me in the world AND.......without them, I
wouldn't be who
I am today.....

So this is a THANK YOU to all of my friends...
For always being there. And even if we're not on good terms
or we have lost touch... I will always be here ... always.