Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Additional Driving Restriction

I got my driver's license converted today from non-professional with restriction 1 to non-professional with 1-2 restriction. Yippee!

It took me half day to process my license @ the Land Transportation Office, I had to undergo dr
ug testing, new drivers' seminar and written examination and after passing all of the requirements, and at around 3pm I finally had my PVC drivers license card.

Why did I have to change my current driver's license to 1-2 restriction?

When I got my first driver's license last year in Zamboanga City I was only given until restrict
ion 1 because I still do not know how to drive a 4-wheel vehicle, I only drive single motorcycle then. And restriction 1 is only restricted to motorcycle driving you cannot go beyond 2-wheel vehicle unlike restriction 1-2. On restriction 1-2 non professional driver's license, a licensee is only allowed to drive privately owned vehicle and should be on the following category;
a. Motocycles/Motorized Tricycles
b. Vehicle up to 4500kgs, and
c. Vehicle with automatic clutch up to 4500kgs GVW

After attending driving lesson last month I learned how to drive a car. And now that I had my appropriate driver's license I can now drive our new 2nd-user car that we have bought last
just month.