Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Work Day of the Year

First working day for CY 2010, and we're still under probation in our job (I guess!), because we have not received any notice of appointment or notice of termination yet. We are all still over turbulent waters with anxieties on what will happen next. The last announcement we received last month was to continue our routine job until such time a notice will be issued.

A while ago we received info that personnels at Customer Assistant Center will be transferred to other division. They were the ones who faxed our reports/outputs to customers and now that they were re-assigned, that means WE who made the reports should be the one to transmit it too.

Oh No! What will happen on Fridays? when we had bunch of reports to be prepared and to be transmitted.

Well, anyways come what may, everything will be just fine. (i hope so) crossfingers!