Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday Rambling

It's Monday and another working week has begun. I rose from bed @ 6:00am took shower, dressed up for office, ate breakfast with hubby and left home @ 7:15am, my hubby left 20 minutes later.

Hubby and I work on the same company, he is an electrical engineer also and is assigned at one of the power substation here in Mindanao while I'm an office based operations planning engineer. Although we are in the same company, our work places are in opposite direction, meaning we need to take different vehicles with us. I took the car with me and my hubby was contended riding the motorcycle (no choice for him, I always win hehehe).

Every morning I make it a point to leave the house as early as possible to avoid traffic, I have been behind the wheel for 1 week now, and I'm not that confident yet to go bumper to bumper on traffic. Early bird gets a good spot for parking too.

Have a Happy Monday!


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