Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday at Mimar's Springway

I found another interesting meme in the web called Our Weekend Memoirs created by beautiful ladies Ebie and Arlene.

I'm enrolling my new blog here and here's my first entry...

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Yesterday the gang had a Saturday Fun Wet Getaway at one of the Swimming Pools in Timoga, Iligan City to celebrate Keith's (Nice nephew) birthday. While the kids are enjoying the day at the kiddie pool, the oldies but goodies are wackying at the man made river just beside the main and kiddie pools.

The "Dabarkads" Joel (Bossing), Joven (Tambok), Joseph (Jong), Zenaida (Nice), Mia (Mama Mia), Jessie (My Hubby) and Me (Bata).

Love the freezing water from the spring.

Our Weekend Memoirs


  1. Those are really nice photos that show how much fun you had!
    Oue Weekend Memoirs

  2. What a fun getaway! The water looks so cool and refreshing. A very nice place to get away from the city heat!

    Thanks for your entry to OWM, and hope to see you again!

    Have a great week.

  3. Welcome to PBW. Those photos looks so refreshing. Followed your blog now dearest.

    My entry is the Snow Angel adventures we had.

  4. Goodness! How many decades now that I've never been home? Oh Jan, you make me feel homesick! Timoga, Timoga!

    Thanks for this candid post. How joyful when the fun is shared by all!

  5. Yep! It is always refreshing whenever you are in Timoga. Swimming pools has free flowing water, the water is cold and fresh..

    You should try it sometime guys!

    thanks for the comments

  6. Hello Jan, welcome to OWM. Glad to see you posting your first entry. Good luck to the many more coming entries.

    I will look forward to your visit. :) Do you have a favorite hangout here in the city?

    Thanks for visiting my food entries in my other blog.



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