Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Shopping Spree Day

I wasn't actually planning to do shopping last Saturday because I know "MALL SALES" are over and besides we went there with a purpose i.e. to get our ordered car seat cover. But when we arrived at SM Cagayan de Oro City to my surprise some shops are on "Inventory Sale". And since I’m already there might as well stroll and look for something interesting to buy. (I’m disregarding my husband here, because he has his own Shopping list at Ace Hardware).

So I did my strolling from one from one shop to another, didn’t found any item the suit my taste until I set my feet at Celine, I found this cute and sexy slip-ons. I tried and viola it was indeed pretty, I had an impulse and I bought it. This is the only item I bought for myself at SM. (buti na lang, hehe).

Still early to go home, from SM we went directly to Lim Ket Kai Mall and found Celine was "on sale" too I can't resist it so I bought the item @ P999.00 only from P1,499.

That is my not so expensive shopping spree day last Saturday. I bought 2 of my weaknesses, bags and shoes.

Have a Nice Day!