Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Karaoke and Poker

Sunday and it's a bit boring day. So I sent sms to my BFF Nice to spend the rest of the afternoon with me here at the apartment. My husband has to left before 4pm for work, he'll be home tomorrow morning after his shift.

(This is Nice conquering the microphone)

First we sung our hearts out using Nice's dvd karaoke player (she brought it with her since i don't have the player yet, need to buy one soon hehehe) and heavy rain started to fall, so we stopped singing maybe we're the reasons why it rained so much. hehehe

(Digiscrapbook Elements by Scrapping Delights)

What else did we do, hmmm we played poker on Facebook instead, we're afraid that a flash flood might occur because of our voices. So we opened our account separately, she's using the desktop while I'm on my laptop. Honestly, I'm not a fan of FB's poker, I'm not patient enough to wait and wait for my turn, then always turned out losing. But today, I was able to win few of my games since Nice (she's a professional poker player on FB hehehe) and I played on the same table. She was the one telling me if I'll raise, call or fold. So that's it I was able to win more chips. lol

This was a lucky day for me on poker. Yippee!



  1. Hi Janz, what a lovely time to spend indoors. I say, I won't grab the mike, I always sing out of tune.

    Hehehehe, not a FB addict yet!

    Better still, stay dry!

  2. videoke singing a great idea for Sunday relaxation. looks like you girls had a happy weekend...wala bang pizza at beer?:p

  3. Sabi nila Karaoke machine or Magic sing is now one of the nesseccity appliances na daw ng mga pinoy. :D

  4. Wow looks like a nice way to spend the rainy weekend. I was in CDO Sunday and myyy it was so hot there. Will post photos for my upcoming OWM turn. :) CDO was so init and Iligan was so cold and rainy. Mura gud ko magsakit pagka Sunday evening. hehehe

    My entry is now up. Better late than never. Thanks for joining along this week, Jan!


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