Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday Rambling

Mr. Sun is finally up around 12 noon today, after 2 days hiding behind thick clouds because of the low pressure affecting Mindanao area.

Nothing much to do today except my routine daily work load and 2 weekly reports. Surfing the net from time to time whilel waiting for my colleague's output, since I'll be needing his report to be able to produce mine.

We we're given free shirts today, for us to wear tomorrow to celebrate the First Year Anniversary of NGCP, the company I worked for. And as announced, tomorrow we will be receiving our appointment papers (need to cross fingers still, just in case). I do hope all will have happy faces tomorrow and receive the best gift that our company can offer, that is our regularization appointments. God Help Us!


  1. Hello Jan,
    I stumbled upon your blog post about NGCP 1st anniversary. I have friend who is an NGCP personnel at a district-7 of North-Luzon O&M. She also told me about the much-awaited appointment papers.
    Did you actually received your appointment papers on January 15th?
    I hope you will share the news. It will be my special gift to my friend this week.
    Thank you in advance and keep on blogging.

  2. yep.. read the good news in my recent post...

    thanks for dropping by..


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