Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Year of Hope

Year 2009 has finally said goodbye, a year that marked the history of mankind as natural disaster full of pain and suffering landed in our country. This is also the time when Filipinos all over the world joined hand in hand to help our brothers and sisters who were devastated by typhoons that had wiped-out parts of Metro Manila and Luzon.

Last year has set another challenge in our personal lives leaving us days full of worries and anxieties as we waited for another movement in our career life. 2009 was the year when the company we worked for took a big step when it was sold for a 25-year concession to a private entity, downsizing from more than 7,000 workforces to less than 5,000 and left more people jobless. Luckily, technical personnel we’re retained so that makes me and my husband still with our jobs until now. It was also a lucky year for me because I was re-assigned back to Iligan after more than 2-years working @ Head Office and Zamboanga branch.

Those days have tested each and everyone’s faith and courage to move on and be thankful to the Lord Almighty that in spite of everything He’s always there with us.

And now as we welcome 2010 I made another blog that will narrate a story, a story of my journey as I hope to make another year fruitful and exciting, a journey along side with God Almighty as I continue to tackle my path in life.

Have a Prosperous New Year to all of Us!