Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chocolate Cookie Frappe

This is a chocolate cookie coffee frappe that Nice ordered last night while the gang hanged out at Silvestro Cafe here in Iligan City.

While Nice had a cold choco cookie frappe I ordered chocolate blast for myself.


What is Coffee Frappe?

According to our very good friend Mr. Wikipedia is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried). This drink begun and made popular in Greece and Cyprus especially during summer. Today, this cold refreshing drink was popular all over the world including our beloved country Philippines.

Have a sip and refresh your mind from whole day work.



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  2. Ako lang yata ang taong hindi mahilig sa frappe, di ko masyado feel yung foam sa coffee.But to each his own.
    Happy Friday! :)

  3. Hi Jan, saan yang Silvestro? That's a nice choice.

    Been to Amoree on Valentine's day and that was my last. Tikim lang ako kung anong meron sila. Sana next time i can visit with my daughter the one near the church (back of the post office)

    We had nice food at Amoree but forgot to take photo coz the camera was left behind.

    Happy weekend, Jan!

  4. oh, a pair of choco lovers! i love the mocha frappe at Starbucks, especially on hot afternoons.

  5. My DH will eat this anytime of the day...:)))

  6. I'm a coffee person and life for me begins after needless to say, i LOVE this! LOL

  7. kalami ani oi .... sinful... LOL!

    Eden Jan..... they have a website and you can view thier packages ..

    eden nature ... walay link sorry dear...

  8. ako i like frappe.. pero i don't go to starbucks just to have those or kahit pa saang mamahaling cafes.. feeling ko lang kase eh suepr mahal.. sayang pera.. haha!!! kung mumurahin yan, why not!

  9. wow, makalaway man kaayo ni..hehehe

    Have a good weekend!

  10. Hello.. im your frequent visitor here.. add me naman.

  11. refreshingly yummy!!!

    thanks for joining, Jan
    added you na. :))


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