Monday, February 1, 2010

First February Monday Rambling

Hello All! Seems like yesterday was New Year's Day and today is the first day of February. I just turned another year older last month huh and counting another 11 months and 25 days and I'll be another year ancient! oh time flies too fast right. I just hope I can turn back time. What should I do then maybe change the history, change the people governing the country, whatever that is very worthwhile.

Anyway since it is the first day of February I would like to thank the following for being the top dropper for the month of January;

Dropper # of drops
WhereAbouts 15
January's Scraps of Life 11
nekialorddie's life 11
SmartMommy 9
Ambot 9
Deep Sea Creatures 9
Kutsara at Tinidor 9
Scrap Collection 7
Cacai's Steps and Journey 7
Momgen designs 5

Thank You All and Have a Happy Month of the Hearts!