Monday, February 8, 2010

Got Caught on my Monthsary

I declared last Saturday was my first monthsary as a newbie four wheel vehicle driver. I have been navigating the streets from home to office for a month now and to compensate my braveness I have to congratulate myself. Yippee!

And on my monthsary guess what happened? I got caught by a traffic enforcer for beating the "RED" light, right in the middle of the narrow city streets. Not that I intended it to happened I was following a car ahead of me and I was already at the center of the intersection, should I stopped then in the middle? Of course not right, I had to continue on, and viola a pair of traffic enforcer saw me.

So I have to stop and explained to him what happened, have to talk to him properly so that he don't have to issue me ticket. And luckily I was successful he let me off without a ticket.

So guys out there if you are caught for a traffic violation, better stay cool and be ready for those teary pitiful looking face, whi knows he might let you off instantly. No more hassle.