Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My One True Love

This is my first try on Girls Talk and it's a good month to start because it's February and "LOVE" is in the air.
Today's Topic on Girls Talk is to Describe your One True Love.

For me finding true love is not about seeking for the "ideal man" it's about waiting for the right person who is imperfect and and loving him perfectly. In that way he will love you more each passing day.

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My husband is of course my "One True Love" he's we've been on a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for seven years, 4 months and twelve days to be exact before we vowed before God that we will love each other for better or worse and 'til death do us part. And take note I never been in a relationship in my whole student life not that nobody courted me before but because I was so focused on my studies and a bit afraid of my mom, so until I graduated and became professional at the age 22 that's when my love story had begun.

If my husband is my one true love, I am his one and only true love. I never tried to look on the other direction before looking for someone that I had hoped to be the one because I made up my mind to give him a chance to prove his love to me. And I was right he's the person who truly love me despite of all my flaws and he's the imperfect person that I love perfectly too. He's the best person that I have ever met.

(Sobrang cheesseeee na talaga!hehehe)


  1. added you jan.. wow ka sweet ba inyo love story...ill post mine later on my other site..

  2. Wow, a great story. Very sweet.

  3. Your page looks great! Thanks for linking my QP :D

  4. wow!!! sobrang cheesy nga!!! weeeeeh. you have a great love story i must say..

    sorry now lng nkabisita sa entry mo ha.. thanks for joining GT!!

    take care!


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