Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pizza at Kylas

After one of our badminton session, the group decided to hangout for a while before going home. That night the group decided to change venue (because we usually hangout at Paeng's Resto) and went to Kyla's instead. The guys had a couple of beer while the gals had lemonade and pizza. 

Looks great huh! and in fairness it does taste good.

Happy Food Trip Friday!


  1. I love your pizza! All I have to do is to get rid of the olives. :)
    Happy Weekend!!!

  2. Yummmm. Am drooling. Ganda yan ah. after badminton eat dayon.

    Happy weekend, Jan!

  3. I love pizza! It's one of my fave food. yummmy..

    Here's My FTF #17 and an FTF 1st Anniversary Greeting by the way Jan. See yah.. :)

  4. Love it... and I love it more when there's more olives in it and downed with an ice-cold root beer! Happy FTF!

    We Ate This!

  5. Same with Sreisaat!!I love pizza with more toppings and beer on the side!!DROOLED!!

  6. i love pizza with olives and veggies on it; this is a healthy one :-)

  7. i miss playing badminton, and the food-trip after the game.:p

  8. so yummy naman nito sis Jan..mglaway man sad's been a while since I last visited here....

    posted mine too

  9. No doubt! Anytime food. It's pretty too. :-)

  10. does look good! now if only i can see some bacon there... ;)

    so sorry for visiting soooo late, Jan
    enjoy your weekend!


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