Monday, March 1, 2010

Sotanghon Guisado

Wow it's March already and we're on the mid of summer here in our country I believe because of climate change summer started as early as February this year and hopefully rain will make it's way here once in a while.

~~~~ 0 ~~~~

Today on Ruby Tuesday and I'm posting one of my favorite food during Birthdays it's called "Sotanghon Guisado".

Why I chose to post this one because I'm in some kind of a diet and I just want to satisfy my hunger thru this photo... wink* pity me!



  1. That looks so yummy! what is sotanghon? is that vermicelli I see? we have soo hoon which look very similar to the clear glass vermicelli and I love them in my soup.

  2. Very interesting. It's your birthday,eh? Happy birthday to you.
    here from RT
    My Ruby Link for you

  3. I feel the pain....and the pity!!!! Looks scrumptious.

    My R T today is A Ruby Ship's Bollard This is my invitation for you to come pay me a visit if you can find time!!

    Have a super, great day!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! :) Maligayang Bati in your language, right? Here's to another great year ahead for you... That guisado looks real good :)

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!


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