Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Grieve for our Friend's Lost

Early this morning our friend Nice called up to inform us that our friend Mia's newborn child has left us already. The little 6.5lbs beautiful baby boy was born via cesarean on Friday morning March 19, 2010. His voice was the most beautiful sound that his mother had ever heard but minutes later he stopped crying and was helped to revive his breathing. And it was found out that the baby has a pneumonia on his right lung, he undergo treatment and was attached to a ventilator to help him in his breathing. Yesterday we went to visit them again at the hospital and was informed that his left lung has collapsed due to accumulated fluid. A hose was then attached to his little body to suck the fluid in his left lung and by yesterday afternoon his 4th xray showed that the fluid was already been sucked up. He was under medication but last night almost midnight he finally given up. His heart ceased to pump to support his breathing and left us forever.

We can't explain the pain we felt what more for his parents, Mia who carried the child for nine months.

It was so painful and we grieved too for their lost.


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