Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greenwich's AI Pizza Special

Are you a fan of American Idol? Well, I am a sort of fan when I have time to watch the show. And you know what I love most? the American Idol Special Pizza Advertisement of Greenwich aired in between break, it is so funny and cute that's why.

Two weeks ago, hubby and I had a dinner date (tamad kasi kami magluto.. hehehe) and he chose Greenwich because we wanted to try the new AI Special. We ordered the said pizza, but too bad we're not that satisfied after tasting it, it just don't suit our taste (pang local lang cguro kami, hehe).



  1. I love eating at Geenwhich, but not for pizza, I so drool over their lasagna :D

  2. i'm not really a pizza fan--but if it's hot and spicy, thin crust, lots of meat, kain na rin.:p

  3. i like greenwich pizza.tagal ko ng di nakakakain nyan.

  4. my son and i had pizza last week; after seeing this one...i feel like eating on again this weekend :-)...sarap!

  5. talaga? gusto ko pa naman sana naming tikman yan.

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  6. I totally miss the greenwich pizza, the itallian is my fave.


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