Thursday, April 8, 2010

GT: Cheetos Crunchy

I've joined a Thursday Meme called Girls Talk on February 2010 and too bad I've done only 2 entries. What the heck happened to me? Should I make excuses, alright maybe because I slacked on the previous Thursdays. Sorry dear.

But today after having a very stressful and temper breaking afternoon because of the traffic from work because of some stupid (ooopps sorry for that again) city officials who want to be good people because of the near May 2010 elections, destroyed passable roads and will reconstruct it again for budget purposes, I decided to ease my mind by writing something here. And another factor that pushed me to write for GT today again, after more than a month, because today's topic is about favorite junk food. I simply can't resist it because I'm really a junk food junkie.

And my fave junk food is "Cheetos Crunchy", whenever my hubby and I had our grocery hours, check out our cart and you'll surely find Cheetos Crunchy in it.

I promise to religiously participate GT on the coming Thursdays, crossfingers!

Happy Girl Talk on Thursday!


  1. Oh yeah, I like that one too. Chruchies than cheese puffs. :)

  2. before anything else january, we missed you! welcome back to GT. napawow ako while reading your profile ha.. omg. you are sooooo busy person!! do you still sleep? lol

    i havent tried ur fave junk BUT will surely try one of these days.. pramis :)

    thanks for joining GT!
    ingat lagi!! hihihi


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