Tuesday, April 13, 2010

M is for Macro Photography

Let's play another ABC on a beautiful Wednesday. My share today is one of my favorite subject in photography i.e. Macro Photography. As a hobbyist, buying a super macro lens is far from my real plan, maybe in my dreams I can buy one, I guess I need to sleep and start dreaming lol, because super macro lens is quite expensive and I can't afford it.

My husband wanted to shoot tiny subjects and since he too can't afford to buy the required lens, he made research and found that we can actually have DIY super macro lens. All we need to have is extension tube. In our case, we purchased 2 extension tubes and attached it with kit lens (18-55mm). Shoot the the subject in manual focus and viola we had this result. (This shot was posted on my Macro Monday entry last week check my photoblog.)

close-up shot using Sigma 18-250 lens

using DIY macro kit

Happy ABC Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful macro captures, Jan! And perfect ones for the M day! Hope your week is going well so far!


  2. Wow! Research pays off! These are great macros!

  3. Super macro. You showed amazing detail with the extensions.

  4. that is so cool! love your macro shots & your inventiveness.

  5. Ah! Macro photography! I love it too. I like the first shot, it's most unusual. :)

    I'd love you to visit my blog, but it's down at the moment because the server was hacked. Should be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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