Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old Times with Old Pals

One of my college classmate created a group for WMSU-EE (Western Mindanao State University Electrical Engineering) on Facebook so that old pals can meet and discuss future reunions after 11 years from graduation. Seventeen (17) of us graduated and at least 15 passed the board exam. Today each and everyone has taken different path and survived in this everyday changing world. Some worked abroad, some left Zamboanga City and worked on other parts of the Philippines just like me and others stayed in our hometown and started their own businesses.

Old times are pleasant memories to reminisce always. Just like today I want to share to you our old days with old pals during college days as engineering students.



  1. How wonderful that you all stay in touch!

  2. Oh, yes! It is wonderful and it only gets better as the years slip by! Great post for the O day, Jan! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. What a great idea. It is certainly a lot easier nowadays to stay in touch, so I hope you will have a proper reunion some day and just talk and talk and talk and talk and.....

  4. A great use of today's networks, how wonderful!!

    O is for...


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