Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Happiest Day

Yesterday my husband and I went to my OB for a check-up, I was supposed to start my medication to conceive this month but luckily I got delayed and yesterday it was confirmed that I actually got pregnant. Wow I can't describe the feeling seeing a tiny soul inside my womb, moving in the ultrasound screen. Husband and I are so thankful that finally God heard our prayers. We've prayed and asked for a child and today, we've finally received what we are asking for and I'll promise to take good care of my health so that our child will develop and grow into a healthy baby.

Thank you Lord for the Blessing.


  1. Wow congratulations Jan! that's indeed a great blessing from the Lord.God really answers our prayers. Yes amping lang jud permi sa health kay duha na raba mo...

  2. Pssst! Congratulations...Pag-ayoayo dinha, ha?

  3. Hehehe.. thanks Kayce and Ate Ebie.. Kailangan jud mag ayo-ayo k dugay gud ni inampo.. hehe

  4. Hi Jan, sus pasensya na jud dear .. kay purte jung bisiha ang mama... nabuang kog kadali sa among schedule ... nagparenovate me ug balay ... perteng hugawa ... waahhh! sakit na akong likod ... hihi.. salamat sa laag jan.

  5. Congratulations! Calls for a celebration! Take care.


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