Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Changes in Sleep during Pregnancy

I feel so sleepy during day time, at work or even at home. Why?

According to an article I've read at Women's Health Matters Network, expectant mothers may be the sleepiest of all. 

Mother's-to-be often has day time sleepiness and longer hours of sleep at night during the first few months of pregnancy this is because the mother's body is hard at work forming the baby's body systems and progesterone levels are on the rise.

But later in pregnancy, many women tend to have poor quality sleep due to leg cramps, backache, heartburn, fetal kicks and frequent bathroom visitation. 

Also, snoring will increase during pregnancy.

Well well now I know why... reading is so important for first time mother-to-be.


  1. You'll want to avoid pharmaceuticals at all costs so I'm wondering if you ever tried binaural beat recordings to help you with sleep during pregnancy. I have a blog about the subject and am posting a link to some free samples in my sig. If you haven't tried them, download a free sample and see if they are helpful. They were for me and I became such a fan that I dedicated a blog to it!

  2. Jan, I had the same feeling 26 years ago! hehehehe, kusog ka mokaon? excited kaayo ko!


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