Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Live Our Country's New President

Yesterday was declared national holiday here in the Philippines to make way for the inauguration of our country's 15th President of the Republic in the person of President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III. Almost 500,000 fellow countrymen went to Quirino Grandstand while most of us in the provinces watched the most memorable event thru our television set yesterday to witness and celebrate the most awaited inauguration of our new leader that will bring new hope to our country.

His inaugural speech was one heck of promises and full of optimism, we just hope he will be able to fulfill them and of course those will not be possible if only one person will do the job. All of us Filipinos are obliged to help our leader to make those dreams come true.

Let us all move to a better Philippines.