Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Fulfilling Sunday @ CDO

Since I couldn't find any bigger clothes here in Iligan City I have to convince my husband to take me to Cagayan de Oro and last Sunday he finally did. My main purpose was to shop for a new wardrobe, why, because my pants, my shirts are starting to get so fit and small that is because my waist is starting to bulge.After I did my shopping, I was relieved that I was able to fill in my closet with new set of clothes that I can wear for the next seven months.
~ ~ ~ 0 ~ ~ ~
Next stop, shopping for my hubby's advance birthday gift. I had him chose what he wanted. Well, as expected he chose another wrist watch, I guess he's getting addicted to wrist watches.This time I bought him a citizen eco-drive watch (his choice of course) and I guess he's satisfied with his choice (I need to close my eyes while paying

After buying my gift for him, it's time for him to buy his belated anniversary gift for me. lol... (ayaw patalo hehehe) My choice was, a point and shoot camera! yipppeee... My brother borrowed and never returned my casio point and shoot camera huh! bad big brother... Although I already had a DSLR camera (an anniversary gift last year from hubby also), I always want a point and shoot camera that will go along with me anytime anywhere.This year hubby's gift to me is another camera, a stylish pink Sony 12.2MP point and shoot camera. I guess I'm a camera addict too... lol
My Sunday was one fulfilling day. Thanks to my husband.
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  1. How exciting naman mag shopping...

    The small camera will be handy anywhere you go!

  2. wow that pink sony cam is so cute! i love the color!

  3. sis I love your pink sony.... nice jud sya..


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