Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GT: Financially

Wow I can't believe it, I've slacked so much and I hadn't write anything in my blog, what the heck is happening to me. Hmmm let me reason out maybe, lol ..maybe because I'm busy at work (as usual) and I'm preggy and loves to sleep early after work.

Anyway, I'll try my best to be active again in blogging (I have to cross my ten fingers for that). 

Okay now what? It's a Thursday and time for Girl Talk. What are girls talking right now... hmmm it's about financial matters. Here's my story...

All our financial needs come from our monthly pay as an employed electrical engineers. My hubby and I work for the sole power transmission company in the Philippines, I am an office-based operations planning engineer while my husband is a substation engineer. I  can proudly say that our monthly pay is more than enough to supply our needs since we are still starting to build our family. I'm currently 4-month pregnant to our first child and trying to save for his/her future.

Also, I have an additional income too coming from my small monkey business handcrafting jewelries. My sister-in-law, a high school teacher in ZC does the sales. I send my items to her and she'll be the one to sell it to her co-teachers.  I'm a trying hard jewelry artisan, and who knows someday I'll gonna own my Jewelry Shop (in my dreams!) lol...
I love my life financially because I was able to help my family in times of trouble, and can now save enough for the rainy days. And oooppss we're saving for our future house/home too.

And by the way I hadn't earn from blogging yet.. hmmmp poor me.. wala ata ko talent sa blogging.. toinkz!
That's it...hope you enjoy my share...

Girls Talk


  1. It's good you're financially stable and you're just starting your family. We were not even there when we started. Thank God we managed through. Good luck on your family! :)

  2. Good for you sis.. Financially stable is essential to start a family of your own.. Good Luck :)

  3. Hi Jan, so true... kung makahanap ka ng yaya as early as now.. gawin muna ... wala man gud koy network supprt jan mao resign jud ko.. pareho man mi unico ug unica ... wala igsoon akong husband, wala sad ko igsoon.. layo mi sa parents... kalisud jud ispellingon... hahaha! siya na .. bisaya sad na si Charmie... heheh!

  4. Hi ate Vernz! Naku murag mao jud na ako mahimo problem ba k kami ra sa ako husband naa sa Iligan, mga igsoon nako naa sa Zamboanga City ug igsoon sa ako bana k naa sa Bukidnon.. Naa na ko nakuha na mahimo yaya hopefully dili pud muhawa dayon...

  5. it's good that you both have good jobs and financially stable even before you have your first baby.

  6. hello sis..thanks for the visit..Congrats are going to have a baby..kaya pala medyo matagal kang absent sa blogging..

    kahit naman hindi ka ngkakapera sa blogging sis meron ka namang matatawag na stable job..kayo ni hubby mo..

  7. you're very lucky to have good-paying jobs that enable you to save :)

    see ya again next week! ;)

  8. that's a good thing for you sis. every time i think of my old situation medyo nalulungkot ako but so thankful dahil natuto ako. thanks for the visit.


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