Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GT: Me Mentally


Hi everyone another Thursday and I guess you have to congratulate me because I was able to write something for GT for 2 consecutive Thursday, it's an accomplishment for me yippee!

Should I brag my mentally capacity? hmmmm let me see. I was an honor student on my elementary and high school days and a dean's lister on college. As an engineering student I've excelled most of the subjects especially mathematics and EE majors but I definitely sucked in English. I may have passed my English subjects but I'm not good at it. Should I say, I ended up as a frustrated English writer and speaker.

Anyways, Engineering English is acceptable in my line of work because most of our communications are loaded with  technical terms, so there's nothing for me to worry about. And it is not that late to continue learning right? I think I'm straightening up my writing skills though blogging.

Have A Nice Day.


  1. wow, you're intelligent indeed. I hate numbers but I fall into Accounting Grad. Isn't ironic, hahahaha!

    Anyway, Happy GT!

  2. i agree with charmie, you're smart. you passed engineering despite of the so many mathematics subjects.

  3. way lalis... hahahah who cares about english darling ... sign language pwede na... musta na buntis? salamat sa laag.


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