Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GT: Religious? Not Really


Another Thursday today and my 3rd straight entry for Girl Talk, I think I will be able to complete the weekly GTs for this month (hope so..).

GT Topic for today is about 'Spirituality'. 

I am a born Roman Catholic, my parents, my siblings are all Catholics. During my childhood days I was active in joining church groups but as I grew up my church activities has lessen and eventually had gone astray, until I got married. From that time until today, together with my husband I went back in attending mass on Sundays again. Sometimes I still missed going to church huh.

But although I am not active on religious act, my Faith in God is intact and nobody can take that away from me. I am always thankful for His Presence, His Blessings, His Graces in my life, in our life.
Therefore, even if I’m not Religious but I love myself Spirituality because I love GOD more than anything in this world.


  1. very well said, sis. what matter is you are a follower and believer by heart.

  2. That's the spirit Jan... heheh... Amen! Ayo-ayo buntis...Mine is up too at Woman’s elan vital

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  3. gwapa imung header diay... heheh

  4. That is very nice to know.

    My GT post this week is up HERE.

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  6. Nice to know that sis.. Love God above all:)

    Happy GT!

  7. that's what's most important, knowing that you should love God above anything else in the world. and that alone should make you proud of your spiritual self :)

  8. Glad to hear that even that you don't practice your faith that much than before, you still love God above all. Just keep on nurturing your faith, sis.


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