Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lechon Paksiw

I missed food tripping on Friday, busy as usual sorry for that. Today my share is one of the Filipino Favorites, the "Lechon Paksiw". Hubby and I bought 2 kilos of "lechon baboy" and had it cooked. This was our main dish for our 2nd wedding anniversary celebration, together with "grilled panga", pancit, spaghetti and cake. Also don't not forgetting our favorite food "Rice". We had a fun anniversary celebration together with our friends.

Happy Food Tripping!



  1. haguy wa na! naglaway nako diri sis... hehehe! kalami ba ani oi... nice shot sis!

  2. wow, sarap naman nito....may tira paba? patikim ha :-)


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