Friday, July 23, 2010

Skin Discoloration

My skin at the neck area started to darken, much darker than my brown skin. I was wondering if this is normal during pregnancy. I've searched the web and found out that it is quite normal. This symptom of pregnancy is known as skin discoloration or malesma. This happened because of the increase in production of melanin due to hormonal change.

I also have a dark line below the belly button, also known as linea negra. The line appears from the belly button down to the pubic bone. Melanin production is also responsible for darkening this line in my belly.

It is said that that this skin discoloration will eventually disappear after giving birth, that I hope will be the case because I'm a little bit worried.


  1. butangi lang ug petroluem jelly jan ang imung tyan aron dili gahi kuhaon ang itum .. tapos imaintain mu lang irub ug cotton buds na may oil ... ang neck wala na jud tay mabuhat ana hihihi... mawala lang na after manganak ka..

  2. mao ba teh.. cge try nako.. na lain na au ako li-og dah.. mainta jud mawala ra sya after manganak..


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