Tuesday, August 24, 2010

F is for Flash Drive

Time to play another ABC on a beautiful Wednesday. Today's letter is "F", F for Flash Drive.

This is my 16GB portable flash drive. Data are needed from time to time so it is very convenient to have this gadget with you anytime anywhere.



  1. One doesn't ever want to be without a 'flash drive' - great choice for F.

  2. Ah, do love these modern times with things like a "flash drive"! Great post for the F Day! Hope your week is going well!


  3. culture lag jud ko Jan, kay adto ko sa computer shop ana ko palit ko flash drive na 256mb.. ana tung tindira.. maam wala namay ana.. ulaw nuon ko ...LOL.. hahaha... agi ko.
    My ABC Wednesday here
    And Here Too

  4. Oh, indeed it is - what would we do without flash drives? Nice one!

  5. Wow ! never thought of that ! First "technical" word I see today !
    Gattina from the ABC team

  6. I'm just happy you wrote "data are" rather than "data is"; you recognize it as a plural noun. Bravo! Many do not.

    I use my flash drive all the time when blogging at the library. My ancient computer at home is too old to accommodate a flash drive!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. what an awesome shot sis! love it

  8. Great choice for F - never leave home without it! :)

  9. ang cute naman nitong flash drive....:) very stylish...ehhehehe...thanks for dropping by...great to be here!

    btw, I just want to invite you to join my giveaway contest...bukas na ang huling araw to enter...ehehehe!


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