Friday, August 6, 2010

Homemade Grilled Tuna

This is our favorite "handa" everytime we have occasion at home or during picnics. A homemade grilled fresh tuna panga. Best eaten with rice and matching chili soy sauce and calamansi. 

Gutom na ba kayo? Have some...

Have a Happy Food Trip Friday!



  1. I've been looking for Tuna here and no such luck.I love your entry, where's the dip? :D

  2. i love grilled tuna! yes, with soy sauce dip mixed with onions and tomatoes. panalo 'to sa mainit na kanin.:p

  3. I also love grilled tuna. Here in Malabon, you'd usually see a lot of seafood dishes during reunions or parties. This is one of our faves. :)

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