Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing Kasadya Today

You don't want to miss the main activity of Iligan's Diyandi Festival 2010 that is scheduled for today, the Kasadya Streetdancing and Merrymaking. Participants from different schools and nearby provinces will dominate the streets today to show their gleeful dance moves and colorful costumes. The contingents will have their final dance showdown at Iligan Amphitheater for final judging. The winners will definitely bring home with them lots and lots of prizes.
I was supposed to be at the venue too to witness the event and take colorful photos and eventually join the photography contest for this year, but I just can't risk myself because I'm bulgy pregnant. Maybe next year I'll be on the streets again ready to take those happy faces and wonderful dancing performances.

In the meantime I'm sharing to you two of my shots taken last year's Kasadya.

I sure do missed the fun today. This is my Mellow Yellow Monday. Have a Nice Day!



Friday, September 24, 2010

A Loud Melodic Sleep

As I enter my third trimester, hubby told me that I was snoring a lot lately. I didn't believe him because I don't usually snore. But when I suddenly woke-up because of my own loud snore I finally believe him then (lol), I even asked him to  record my loud melodic sleep.

Is snoring during pregnancy normal? I searched the web again for answers and this  is what BabyCenter gave me.

Snoring is relatively common during pregnancy especially in the third trimester. The possible causes are:

Swollen nasal passages - higher levels estrogen produce during pregnancy may swell the mucous membranes lining in the nose. The increase of blood level in a pregnant woman's body and expanded blood vessels will also lead to swollen nasal membranes.

The more weight gained during pregnancy, the more likely cause trouble in breathing during sleep, because of the extra tissue in the neck and throat.

Frequent loud snoring could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, where your airway becomes blocked, causing you to briefly stop breathing in your sleep. If this occurs to you consult your doctor for necessary treatment right away.

Snoring can be reduced by sleeping on your side (which I sometimes does) rather than on your back and elevating your head slightly.

I do hope this snoring thing will disappear after I gave birth.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crispy Pata

Well, I was supposed to post something from our last night's food escapade to celebrate our friend's (Joven) birthday but unfortunately I forgot to bring with me today my camera's SD so instead I'll be sharing one of our ordered menu from our favorite resto in Iligan City Paeng's Resto Bar.

Whenever we're celebrating someone's birthday at Paeng's Resto we made sure that 2 orders of "crispy pata" will be on our table just like this one.

This is my food trip on a Friday! Have a Nice Day!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GT: Something on my Desk

Hello Girls! Just want to share some black stuffs found on my office desk.

A telephone set, my black 160GB portable hard disk, my black shades, an old pencil sharpener and my oopps gray small industrial electric fan (minsan kulang ang lamig ng aircon sa office).

~ 0 ~

If GT had Yellow as the color for the day I could have posted do many photographs with yellow color because we've just concluded the opening program of our Department's Sportsfest and we the "yellow team" had won the Cheer and Yell Contest. Yippppeee!

But still black is the the theme for today so the above photo are some stuffs that I photographed before my point and shoot camera had run out of battery.

Happy GT Cheerios!

Charice Finally on Glee

For months Filipino Gleeks are waiting for the season 2 of the famous teen musical TV show from Fox "Glee" because our very own Charice will be part of the show. Last night, I was able to download and watched the pilot episode of Glee Season 2. The episode was so fun and full of excitement, seeing and hearing Charice sings with Rachel Berry was so cool.

Rachel Berry the soloist of New Directions insecurity towards Charice is the more exciting part to watch for on the coming episodes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

J for...

Another Wednesday that means another alphabet game. Today's letter is "J" as in 

J for Jar

J for Janna my cutie niece

And finally J for January, that's me the first month of the year. wink*



Monday, September 20, 2010

Pagkanaug and Lechon Festival

Yesterday, September 20, 2010 was another special non working holiday for the people of Iligan to witness the "Pagkanaug ni Senior San Miguel" a highlight of the 1-month celebration of the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. 

The first Lechon Festival was held right after the "kanaug", the street in front of the Cathedral Church was closed to public and private vehicles to make way for the lechon booths placed at the center of the street. It was announced that at least 100 lechon baboy (roasted pig) will be available for the people of Iligan to eat for free but what I've heard yesterday only 30 were served don't know what happened to the rest. 

Together with my friends we went to the venue and tried to take some photos and hoped to taste a sliced of lechon for free but too bad we weren't able to take photographs because the place was full-packed of people and we never tried to tag along trying to get a slice.

Anyway, in case we wanted to eat some we can always buy 1 kilo of lechon from Dado's or from Timoga.
Well that's it for today, two of the activities listed on the one-month celebration of  the feast of the Patron Saint of Iligan City. More activities to come until the big day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cake for Nice

September 11, 2010 was my friend's birthday, and as a gift I bought her this choco mocha hazelnut cake from Goldilocks. I was in Cagayan de Oro that day so I was able to get a cake from goldi instead from the usual Red Ribbon cake in Iligan City. (Wala kasi goldilocks sa Iligan eh.. hehe)

Not too sweet, the cake was has perfect taste for me. Mas nauna pa ako tumikim kaysa sa celebrant. hehe

The birthday celebrant Nice and me posing with the cake.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GT goes Green

Look what I've found just around me, scattered on top of my office desk, I have here my green Cebu edition tumbler from Starbucks, my coffee mug with the green logo of Starbucks and 3 scattered green paper clips. 

I have here too my color green dominated desk calendar. Why so much green? Because the official color of the company I'm working in is "Green".

This is my impromptu entry for GT goes Green today. Have a Happy Thursday Friendships!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ice Coffee

A beautiful Wednesday morning today, I woke up at 6:30am, prepared myself for work and here I am now in front of my desktop computer posting something for ABC, lovely isn't it?

Since I've posted something about effects of caffeine yesterday, today I'm sharing to you another caffeinated drink just perfect for ABC Wednesday but not so perfect for me to drink at this moment, I'm talking about a tall glass of "Ice Coffee". I took this picture way before I got pregnant, I was a coffee addict then but I have to stay away from it for now. 
The photo look so yummy right? The cookies and sprinkled chocolate completed the look. So Tasty!

More photos at ABC Wednesday here.

Caffeine Effects

I have always been a coffee addict and today I'm craving for a cup of brewed coffee. But I need to restrain myself and divert my craving to others. 

Since I've known that I was pregnant I promised myself to cut off coffee intake until after my delivery. That is because I was told that both me and my baby should stay strong and healthy, and caffeine should be avoided.

According to studies caffeine has been associated with numbers of prenatal risks, when consumed in high dose it may increase the rate of miscarriage, which I definitely don't want to happen to me because hubby and I been waiting for a child.

Caffeine poses certain risks during pregnancy, according to researchers there are evidences that show any amount of caffeine intake will cause some physical effects on you baby. That is because caffeine passes through the placenta and is absorbed by the baby. Adults can easily break down caffeine quickly but babies can't, meaning the caffeine will be stored inside the babies blood for a longer period of time and could eventually reach dangerously high levels.

Even though I really want to have a cup of coffee I had to hold back because it is better to be safe than sorry.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buying Baby Stuffs

Too excited to have our shopping spree for our coming little angel, hubby and I went to Cagayan de Oro City last Friday and bought some baby stuffs.

These are some baby's basic needs that we've grabbed from the shelves of SM CDO, Robinsons and Gaisano. 

Other stuffs not included in the photos are crib set, newborn clothes, comforters etc. etc.

Now I know how it feels to become an expectant mother. Buying something for the baby really has an unexplainable feeling.



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purple Adventure

I love violet or purple but I forgot to take some photos for today's theme so instead I went through my files again and searched anything that I've took previously with color violet. And look what I've found, me wearing violet shirt.

This photo was taken on April 17, 2010 at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, home of the longest Zipline in Asia. After the longest breathe taking zipline ride we went on another adventure that is the ATV ride along the mountains.

I've always want to ride one myself, and after learning that ATV rental is available at the site, I never hesitated to try one. I was the only girl in our batch to take the ride. Luckily I was able to finish the track. lol

Yahoo! I did it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

H for Holy Rosary

Happy Wednesday Everyone and let's play another ABC. My entry for letter "H" today is Holy Rosary. 

A friend of mine wanted a holy rosary, so I made this one for her. This handcrafted holy rosary was created using swarovski crystals, sterling silver jewelry wires and sterling silver components.

This my ABC Wednesday entry. Have a Nice Day!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat

Oooppss.. I wasn't able to post anything this weekend, because I'm usually on an "idle mode" for blogging and internet surfing. I usually spend my 2-day break napping, creating handmade jewelries, watching movies or television, chatting with my husband. And on Sunday hubby and I usually attend the 8:30am mass and doing our grocery after.

Today I thought of posting something for Ruby Tuesday and this is what I found inside my grocery bag, a bar of Kit Kat chocolate wafer that I grabbed at a grocery store last Sunday.

Sometimes we need to take a break from a busy work and have a bite of something like this chocolate bar.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Braised Pork Belly

Delecta seems to become our favorite dining place in Iligan City. Last Saturday bff Nice and I went to have our lunch there. I craved for kare-kare that day but we're a bit late (sold-out na ang kare-kare, huh), so I settled for a Braised Pork Belly or locally known as Humba.

I'm not a big fan of Humba but this one taste perfectly.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest

I'm trying my luck by joining a fellow blogger from Northern Mndanao in her 43rd Birthday Celebration. And to celebrate her birthday in Blogosphere Ms. Grace is hosting the Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest last day will be tomorrow I guess if my counting is right. I hope my entry will make it to the list and hopefully will win the following fabulous prizes:

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3rd Prize :
$ 20 Cash thru Paypal

2,ooo EC Credits
1 Domain with Webshosting

4th Prize :
2,000 EC Credits

1 Domain with Webhosting

5th Prize :
1,000 EC Credits

1 Domain with Webhosting

Special Prize for US Bloggers only : 5 pcs Lip gloss Collection

Here's the mechanics :

1. Blog about the contest with the title "Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest ! " and place the link of of her other blogs in your bloglist : A Walk to Remember, GraciaFashioista, kids turf and A Bucket of Wisdom.
2. Return to this post and leave your comment and URL of your post.
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GT: Something Red

It's September and Girl Talkers talked about colors. Today's color theme is RED. I've  searched my archive for something red, wasn't able to take photos recently of items that I own that is red in color maybe because I don't have that much because I'm not a RED fan after all.

Luckily I was able to dig some photos taken early last year. This is one of my photos riding red honda wave motorcycle taken by hubby while having some relaxing time at Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Club in my hometown in Zamboanga City.

On July 2008 I was transferred to ZC from head office (Quezon City), and since it was inconvenient for me to take 3 rides going to my station, hubby bought me a motorcycle as my means of transportation (I was on shifting schedule then). One week driving practice was enough for me and after that I'm riding on my own. 

But lately, I missed motor riding. I wasn't able to hopped in it since I was re transferred to Iligan City late last year. I'm not that confident  maybe because vehicle drivers in the 2 cities are very different. Drivers in ZC are more considerate to 2-wheel drive vehicles than drivers in IC. There are more cases of 4-wheel vehicle side sweeping motorcycles here in IC than in ZC. It's better to stay safe than sorry.

By the way, I have my red helmet too to match the motorcycle. hehe

That's my share for today. Happy GT Thursday Gurlz!


Have you seen IRIS? If not, it is a must for you to watch this most expensive drama produce in Korean Television.

The drama revolves around two life long friends (Lee Byung Hun and Jung Joon-ho) that got recruited from a Korean Army into a secret South Korean black ops called National Security Service. Both we're contacted separately by a black ops agent and alluring lady played by Kim Tae-hee, not knowing they both fell in love with the same woman. From there, the story to test their friendship, loyalty and love begins.
From start to finish, IRIS will definitely make you stay on your seat. I'd slept late every night until I finished the 20 episode drama.

Watch IRIS and it will make you crave for more. wink*