Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caffeine Effects

I have always been a coffee addict and today I'm craving for a cup of brewed coffee. But I need to restrain myself and divert my craving to others. 

Since I've known that I was pregnant I promised myself to cut off coffee intake until after my delivery. That is because I was told that both me and my baby should stay strong and healthy, and caffeine should be avoided.

According to studies caffeine has been associated with numbers of prenatal risks, when consumed in high dose it may increase the rate of miscarriage, which I definitely don't want to happen to me because hubby and I been waiting for a child.

Caffeine poses certain risks during pregnancy, according to researchers there are evidences that show any amount of caffeine intake will cause some physical effects on you baby. That is because caffeine passes through the placenta and is absorbed by the baby. Adults can easily break down caffeine quickly but babies can't, meaning the caffeine will be stored inside the babies blood for a longer period of time and could eventually reach dangerously high levels.

Even though I really want to have a cup of coffee I had to hold back because it is better to be safe than sorry.



  1. It's true that its a must for you to stay away from caffeine and other caffeinated products..praying for your safety pregnancy until delivery ;D

  2. hindi tlga ako nag coffee nung pregnant ako but my boss super nag coffee sya nung buntis sya sa eldest nya. the eldest is highschool n ngaun, she graduated valedictorian in elementary :)

    bout the rosary. its pricey pala. save muna ko ha :) thanks girl!

  3. thanks admin..

    yep niko.. medyo pricey nga talaga sya mahal kc ang materials eh.. just drop me a message just in case..



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