Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crispy Pata

Well, I was supposed to post something from our last night's food escapade to celebrate our friend's (Joven) birthday but unfortunately I forgot to bring with me today my camera's SD so instead I'll be sharing one of our ordered menu from our favorite resto in Iligan City Paeng's Resto Bar.

Whenever we're celebrating someone's birthday at Paeng's Resto we made sure that 2 orders of "crispy pata" will be on our table just like this one.

This is my food trip on a Friday! Have a Nice Day!



  1. Kahit naman ako gagawin ko rin 2 order lagi, mahirap na mabitin. :D

    Thanks for joining FoodTripFriday

  2. a sus ang buros.. nagpatuyang..hahahah..kaon jan tou ka... ... dako na imu tiyan.. oi.. virtual ninang ko ana ha.. hahahah...unsa kaha kung naa sad ta virtual baby shower.. unsaon pagorganize

  3. Lam mo kahit sabihin pa na maghinay sa ganitong ulam, hay naku di talaga ako mapipigilan sa pagkain nito, kung meron sa harap ko. hehe

  4. That's nice - bone is already taken out...para di na mahirapan kainin.

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