Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GT: Something on my Desk

Hello Girls! Just want to share some black stuffs found on my office desk.

A telephone set, my black 160GB portable hard disk, my black shades, an old pencil sharpener and my oopps gray small industrial electric fan (minsan kulang ang lamig ng aircon sa office).

~ 0 ~

If GT had Yellow as the color for the day I could have posted do many photographs with yellow color because we've just concluded the opening program of our Department's Sportsfest and we the "yellow team" had won the Cheer and Yell Contest. Yippppeee!

But still black is the the theme for today so the above photo are some stuffs that I photographed before my point and shoot camera had run out of battery.

Happy GT Cheerios!


  1. weee!you're the sec to feature external drive. 'guess we all treasure them =)

    my GT entry is here

  2. I love the picture! I so need a portable hard disk, too. :)

    My GT post is up HERE.

  3. the shades simple but chic... ;^)

  4. I think I also need the portable hardrive!

  5. congrats.... love your electric fan the most Jan... hehehe...

    GT at Woman’s elan vital

  6. so nice! love your black stuffs pud sis! gusto pud ko mupalit anang external drive puhon.. hehehe!

    Please check out my Black is Beautiful entry too sis! Thanks so much!

  7. Wohoo! another black gadget kind of girl. Maganda naman ang black, wag lang alikabukin, kasi halata masyado, pwedeng isulat ang name di ba?? hehehe..

  8. black is always there even there's a dust hehehe, kakatuwa naman si mommy liz, oo nga ano kahit anong linis mo andyan pa rin kainis!!!!

    Anyway here's mine for this week's theme...

    Have a nice day!

  9. ooohh. love the shades! my gosh, you sometimes need fan at the office even with aircon? super init na talaga ng mundo. waaahh!

  10. depicts modern day office nook. gone were the pile and pile of folders. nice:)


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