Monday, September 20, 2010

Pagkanaug and Lechon Festival

Yesterday, September 20, 2010 was another special non working holiday for the people of Iligan to witness the "Pagkanaug ni Senior San Miguel" a highlight of the 1-month celebration of the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. 

The first Lechon Festival was held right after the "kanaug", the street in front of the Cathedral Church was closed to public and private vehicles to make way for the lechon booths placed at the center of the street. It was announced that at least 100 lechon baboy (roasted pig) will be available for the people of Iligan to eat for free but what I've heard yesterday only 30 were served don't know what happened to the rest. 

Together with my friends we went to the venue and tried to take some photos and hoped to taste a sliced of lechon for free but too bad we weren't able to take photographs because the place was full-packed of people and we never tried to tag along trying to get a slice.

Anyway, in case we wanted to eat some we can always buy 1 kilo of lechon from Dado's or from Timoga.
Well that's it for today, two of the activities listed on the one-month celebration of  the feast of the Patron Saint of Iligan City. More activities to come until the big day.