Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purple Adventure

I love violet or purple but I forgot to take some photos for today's theme so instead I went through my files again and searched anything that I've took previously with color violet. And look what I've found, me wearing violet shirt.

This photo was taken on April 17, 2010 at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, home of the longest Zipline in Asia. After the longest breathe taking zipline ride we went on another adventure that is the ATV ride along the mountains.

I've always want to ride one myself, and after learning that ATV rental is available at the site, I never hesitated to try one. I was the only girl in our batch to take the ride. Luckily I was able to finish the track. lol

Yahoo! I did it!


  1. Lucky charm ang purple top mo sis!!! hihihi you think sooo??? hahahaha

    Galing naman!!! ako din kaya??? I wana try!!!!

    Happy Girls Talk

  2. I want to try that, too! :)

    My purple item for Girls Talk is up HERE.

  3. Wow! i love your purple shirt sis ug gusto pud nako mu try anang ATV nga sakyanan oi! murag enjoy man kaayo na sakyan..heheh!

  4. i so envy you. i like to try that one too, but maybe not just with a purple shirt. look so thrilled and enthusiastic..=)

  5. wow! what an adventure you had there!

  6. Ai Jan,,, gosh.. more than the purple shirt ... mangutana jud ko kung naa sila cottage for overnight didto.. or website man lang nga pwede ta mag-inquire? ingna ko Jan bi...

  7. Hi Jan. bet ko mga trip mo sis.. I have heard in trip na trip (sitcom at ABS) about Bukidnon. It was next on my list after I try skycraper at Cebu maybe by next month.. interested tuloy ako sa place na..haahaha
    Btw looks like you enjoyed a lot the ATV ride. and the enjoyment that shows matches your shirt color.. ang lively at ang happy happy ng aura..
    Hapy GT!

  8. that looks super fun!! tama si kha. your shirt color matched your mood that day. :)


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