Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Me on a Busy Thursday

I arrived at 7:15AM this morning here at the office to attend the early mass in celebration of the inauguration of our new office building. We had a half day program and full of activities and of course free lunch after. But after the clock strikes 1PM, I have to be back on my desk and prepared my daily reports that some were supposedly been done this morning and plus my work scheduled this afternoon. That means I had to double time to finish it just in time, including the intervening works that were given to me just a while ago. Nevertheless, the "super me" was able to finish all of it with few minutes left to do this post and before the clock strikes 5PM.

Time to say goodbye for now, sorry for skipping my Thursday meme today. Mwah!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ABC: Nail Care

Nail care is an essential regimen when it comes to personal grooming. Supposed you had a perfect hair and make-up with beautiful clothes to match with it, however your nails are dirty and out of shape how would you think you will look like then? Awful isn't it? So to make your look perfect never forget to take care of your nails too.

Take care of your nails by visiting your favorite salons and have it manicured and a little massage that goes along with it will definitely make your day. 

Nails are made of keratin. therefore the simplest way to nail care is through a balanced diet. By eating the right kind of foods can bring a healthy glow in your nails. Also increase the intake of calcium, iron, potassium and Vitamin B will make your nails stronger and perfect.

This is my ABC on a beautiful Wednesday.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Around the Corner

Hubby and I went to Gaisano Mall yesterday for our payday grocery, and as usual I can already smell the freshness of Christmas Spirit. 

Standing tall at the Men's Department entrance is a yellow-themed Christmas Tree. It is so attractive to me maybe because my favorite color is yellow. Hmmm Should I buy a tall Christmas tree? (Ooopps I don't think so, walang space sa bahay hehe.)

This is my Mellow Yellow on a a beautiful typhoon free Monday in Mindanao.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teriyaki Rice

Friends and I went on a food hunt near, Redemptorist Church in Iligan City. We've heard there is a not so newly opened small restaurant and is serving Mongolian dishes. So we dropped by and tried their foods. 

We left the place carrying with us a very big disappointed. The only food that tasted good was their Beef Teriyaki with rice, the rest are awful. 

That was our first and last food adventure on that place. sigh! :(

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alamat ng Gubat

Genelyn my officemate and friend from Head Office gave me a Filipino authored book as a birthday present. The 4th book written by a Filipino contemporary author Bob Ong entitled Alamat ng Gubat (Legend of the Forest).

I remember reading this book at Manila Domestic Airport while waiting for my flight to Cagayan de Oro and I can't help but laugh and smile while reading. Everyone who have seen me laughing alone probably thought I was out of my mind. But who cares as long as I enjoyed reading it and had my boring waiting time spent in a different way. (lol)
The story is about a little crab named "Tong" who traveled to the forest looking for a banana heart to cure his sickly father, the king of the sea. On his way to the forest he met friends namely Pagong (tortoise), Kuneho (rabbit) and Aso (wild dog) that helped him on his quest. But the journey wouldn't be as challenging if there are no villains. So the villains of the story that made Tong's life difficult are Buwaya (crocodile), Daga (rat), Leon (lion), Maya (sparrow) and Katang (also a crab and Tong's brother).

Will Tong ever get the banana heart without killing the whole forest? 

Filipino love happy ending so in the end Tong eventually got the banana heart with the help of an annoying but wise monkey. He has also not harmed the forest but saved it and made it a better place to live in.

Hmmm.. interesting right? hope you can read it too.. hehe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC: Man at Work

It's a beautiful Wednesday Today and let us play another round of ABC. Our letter for today is "M". M for Man at Work. 

I took this photo months ago while a welder was working at our newly constructed Office Building. I was supposed to submit this as an entry for a photography contest here in the city but sad to say I chose another photo instead and I was not lucky enough to win. Maybe I still need more practice and improve my perspective. Hope soon I'll get back on my feet and shoot more photos again.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Gaining Weight Huh!

After 60 days on maternity leave, my officemate finally came back to work. I can't help but be jealous of how easy for her to lose weight after her pregnancy. Maybe because she did not gain more height during her pregnancy. But unlike me on my seventh month, I gained more pounds, my weight gain is way more than what is expected. I'm due to deliver on December 9, 2010, could be 1 week earlier or 1 week later, who knows, but I'm hoping to deliver on the exact date, I pray for my baby's safety. 

Though I gained so much weight, but it seems that I consumed all the nutrients that I have taken in, because according to my OB the baby has not gained his needed fetal weight at his age. So I was advise to eat more, more sweets and carbohydrates so that my little angel will improve his weight.

As a mother to be I'll do anything what my OB says for the safety of my little angel. No matter how much weight I still have to gain, it's okey for me. Anyway I'll have more time to shed it off after giving birth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Care to try this "Black Forest Cake"?  You should, like what Nice and I did when we had  our lunch at Delecta Restaurant in Iligan City. The cake tasted so good like how pretty it looked. But when the bill came in we didn't expect to pay P80.00 for a slice cake. Hmmm quite expensive...

More delicious foods at Food Trip Friday. Just click the badge below. Enjoy the Trip!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Promise

I used to be a bookworm on my student days, early part of my working  career were I was a new girl in Iligan City with no friends, no relatives to talk to, no television since I can't afford one yet.  Each week I've rented 2 to 3 novels from a book rental stall (I can't afford to buy books too) and read it after work. That time my only best friends are novels, love stories. Until, I met new friends, badminton buddies, and I was able to buy a television set and dvd player, computer and internet, I was pulled out from my sanctuary and completely forgotten about reading novels.

The first book that I've read on my student days was written by Danielle Steel and that made me cry was "The Promise", it was one heck of a novel, I fell in love  with Danielle instantly.

The story was about a wealthy heir Michael who fell in love with a penniless artist Nancy even against his mother's will, plan on getting married and living a life of happiness together until a tragic accident seperates them. Due to a vengeful mother and the helplessness of an injured woman, the two are kept seperate for years and they both start new lives and find new loves, until a twist of fate and a once in a lifetime miracle allows them to reunite and remember the promise they made to one another long ago." 

The book was worth reading again. Hmmmm I'm thinking of buying Danielle Steel's books to collect, hmmm isip-isip pag may mura sa "Booksale".

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

L for Lights

Dah I've missed last Wednesday ABC game because I was on a holiday mode. I have joined the people of Iligan City in the celebration of the feast of the City Patron Saint "St. Michael the Archangel".That means I had a 1 week blog holiday too.

So Today, I'm playing for letter "L". L for Lights. I remember taking this photo in one of the restaurants in Zamboanga City. Lights are attached on beautifully formed old tree roots and were hanged on the ceiling of the resto perfect theme for a grilled resto bar.

More Letter L at ABC Wedensday.