Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC: Man at Work

It's a beautiful Wednesday Today and let us play another round of ABC. Our letter for today is "M". M for Man at Work. 

I took this photo months ago while a welder was working at our newly constructed Office Building. I was supposed to submit this as an entry for a photography contest here in the city but sad to say I chose another photo instead and I was not lucky enough to win. Maybe I still need more practice and improve my perspective. Hope soon I'll get back on my feet and shoot more photos again.



  1. akong cousin ni dare jud ani Jan... mas nindot man day ug agi ang baye sa laki...hehehe..

    My ABC Wednesday Here

  2. not to be confused w the Australian music group, Men at Work
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. "Work, I could sit and watch it all day". Can't remember who said that but fits the theme.

  4. A very hard working Man!

    Thanks for visiting my ABC Wednesday


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