Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alamat ng Gubat

Genelyn my officemate and friend from Head Office gave me a Filipino authored book as a birthday present. The 4th book written by a Filipino contemporary author Bob Ong entitled Alamat ng Gubat (Legend of the Forest).

I remember reading this book at Manila Domestic Airport while waiting for my flight to Cagayan de Oro and I can't help but laugh and smile while reading. Everyone who have seen me laughing alone probably thought I was out of my mind. But who cares as long as I enjoyed reading it and had my boring waiting time spent in a different way. (lol)
The story is about a little crab named "Tong" who traveled to the forest looking for a banana heart to cure his sickly father, the king of the sea. On his way to the forest he met friends namely Pagong (tortoise), Kuneho (rabbit) and Aso (wild dog) that helped him on his quest. But the journey wouldn't be as challenging if there are no villains. So the villains of the story that made Tong's life difficult are Buwaya (crocodile), Daga (rat), Leon (lion), Maya (sparrow) and Katang (also a crab and Tong's brother).

Will Tong ever get the banana heart without killing the whole forest? 

Filipino love happy ending so in the end Tong eventually got the banana heart with the help of an annoying but wise monkey. He has also not harmed the forest but saved it and made it a better place to live in.

Hmmm.. interesting right? hope you can read it too.. hehe


  1. Aww.. This is one of Bob Ong's books. I've only read the first one.. The ABNKKBSNPLAko.. Hihi. It was very funny. Too bad I didn't get to read the other seven. But I will. =D

    Anyway, Happy GT!

    Here's my piece..

  2. hmm....looks like Bob Ong is a popular choice for GT today.

    i really must buy some of his books when I am next in Philippines.

    happy GT

  3. HI Jan... Sus daug jud si bob ong karing adlawa... hahaha...popular choice...

    GT Here

  4. I-google ko to sis. Hindi ko ata mabili yan dito.

  5. Yung book na Pupung naman ang kapag binasa ko eh tawa din ako ng tawa mag isa, lol!

  6. not his funniest but certainly very entertaining in its own league! i recommend you read bob ong's other books. too funny for words!

    sorry for the late visit! (bad host. LOL) thanks for joining GT!


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