Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Promise

I used to be a bookworm on my student days, early part of my working  career were I was a new girl in Iligan City with no friends, no relatives to talk to, no television since I can't afford one yet.  Each week I've rented 2 to 3 novels from a book rental stall (I can't afford to buy books too) and read it after work. That time my only best friends are novels, love stories. Until, I met new friends, badminton buddies, and I was able to buy a television set and dvd player, computer and internet, I was pulled out from my sanctuary and completely forgotten about reading novels.

The first book that I've read on my student days was written by Danielle Steel and that made me cry was "The Promise", it was one heck of a novel, I fell in love  with Danielle instantly.

The story was about a wealthy heir Michael who fell in love with a penniless artist Nancy even against his mother's will, plan on getting married and living a life of happiness together until a tragic accident seperates them. Due to a vengeful mother and the helplessness of an injured woman, the two are kept seperate for years and they both start new lives and find new loves, until a twist of fate and a once in a lifetime miracle allows them to reunite and remember the promise they made to one another long ago." 

The book was worth reading again. Hmmmm I'm thinking of buying Danielle Steel's books to collect, hmmm isip-isip pag may mura sa "Booksale".


  1. it's fun to collect from book sales. charity book sales especially. i get all of my John Grisham Collections there..

    I only read one work of Danielle Steele. It was soo long ago i don't remember the title. But i will lookout for this one =)

    hope you can visit my entry here

  2. baga kaayo ni jan.. as in lak-taw laktaw ako basa

    Girls Talk here

  3. i'm glad there's an entry for danielle steele here. have read some in college when i can borrowfrom friends

  4. i do collect danielle steel books.. ive got over 30 books already. tlagang sinusuyod ko mga booksale outlets just to get her books.

  5. what a love story against all odds. It reminds of the movie nila Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez, I forgot the title hehehe...

    Anyway, here's mine

    Have a good weekend!

  6. wow! sounds very interesting.... and ROMANTIC, lol!

  7. for some reason, i have never read any of steel's books even if she's a very popular author. i guess i discovered her at a time when i wasn't too much into love stories. i will definitely find time to read her books now, and the promise will be on top of the list :)


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