Friday, November 26, 2010

at 36th Week

After watching Pinoy Icon Manny Pacquiao beaten Antonio Margarito on November 14, 2010 around 3:30PM, I’ve felt a gush of fluid came out from my private part. I rushed to the toilet thinking that I just want to relieve myself. I’ve checked my underwear and saw blood stain. I called my OB and told her my condition, she told me to go to the nearest hospital and admit myself. I tidied up, readied my things (I wasn’t able to prepare yet because I still have 2-4 weeks before my due), and hurried to the hospital. Around 5PM I was at Emergency Room of Mercy Community Hospital, they’ve checked my baby’s heartbeats, took my blood pressure, attached dextrose and transferred me to a private room. 

I was not ready to give birth yet because I'm still on my 36th week and my expected due is still on December 9, 2010. But things just happened.

8:00PM - Doc Lila my OB, arrived and did an internal examination (IE) and told me that my cervix has not dilated yet. So we have to wait for labor pain to kick-in if not I had to be induced.

12:00MN – Labor finally kicks in. I felt the pain somewhere at my belly with 15-20 seconds duration every 5min interval. Sleepless hours had started.

3:00AM (November 15, 2010) – I felt the pain crawling from the belly part to my back waist. Nurses on duty from time to time came in to check my baby’s vital. I had another IE from the Resident Doctor, with cervix opening up to 3cm.

5:00AM – More pain. Hubby had to pat my back waist just to ease the pain. It helps a little though, but I still felt like crying and I’ve bounced left and right at my bed. Even though I really want to deliver normally not just because it’s cheaper compare to CS but because of the healing period afterwards, I told my husband that if I can’t bear the pain just let me deliver thru c-section no matter what.
5:45AM – Another visit from nurses on duty, this time I told them I felt like my waist is breaking, I can feel my baby moving downwards, looks like he wanted to push himself out. The resident doctor came in for another IE, this time I’m 6cm dilated. 

6:45AM – I was transferred to labor room to prepare myself for the delivery. Hubby came in with me, supporting me all the way. Pain got worse every minute, I felt like I wanted to push more.

8:15AM – Doc Lila had arrived, another IE and she felt baby Javen’s head already at the cervix entrance, I was rushed to the delivery room then.

8:30AM and counting – At the delivery room, I had my first and second attempt but not so successful I’ve run out of breathe. On my 3rd attempt this time I took a very deep breath and pushed hard until I finally heard baby Javen’s first cry. Javen Xyrus came out and joined us in this wonderful world at 8:49AM, November 15, 2010.

After 8 hours and 49 minutes the drama of pain and hardship has finally ended. And no matter how painful it was, the hardship had turned into joy the moment I had our baby in my arms. I felt that everything that I have undergone is just like magic.

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  1. Wow, what an experience! Can't wait to see more pictures of you and your precious little one. :0 Enjoy your weekend sis.


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