Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GT: Go Grocery

I'm alive again after more than two weeks of blog idle. There are so many activities  that had happened the last 2 weeks but I wasn't able to find time to blog about it. Aside from that my main source of income which is my day job need more of my time now because I need to turn over my works to my colleague before going to  a 2-month work leave that will start at the end of November. 

Anyway, I decided to return in the blog world on a beautiful Thursday (I have less work now, wink*) so that I can join another conversation on Girl's Talk. 

This month's topic is about shopping, and I love shopping (if only I have extra extra money). But for Today's discussion we'll talk about picking up something at the Grocery Aisle. Every weekend either Saturday or Sunday hubby and I does our grocery specifically at Gaisano Supermarket.We always have a cart full of groceries from detergent soap, fabric conditioner, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothpaste, body soap, tissue, canned  goods, juices, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil to vegetables, meat, fish and a lot lot more. By next month our grocery cart will include baby stuffs like diapers and milk.

Well, that's my grocery list every weekend, sorry I wasn't able to take photos.

Have a Nice Day Girlies!


  1. pag may baby kana.. wag mu gamitan ng fabric con na matapang yung gamit niya... kasi sigeg sneeze Jan... hehehe... tip lang.

    ako sa Woman’s elan vital

  2. Oh! I also love shopping.. Usually I do it alone, pero whenever my niece wants to come with me, it's okay pa rin.

    Oh well.. my own grocery list is all food. I love to eat, anyway.. Hehe.. And of course, some toiletries and vanities.

    Happy GT Thursday!! Hope you could drop by my blog, and drop a comment, too.. Salamat. =)

  3. hihi!! sabi ko na eh!! may nakalimutan akong isama eh!! tootpaste pala!! hihi!!
    thanks for reminding me Sis

  4. thanks for visiting my blog, sis!

    i'm sure excited ka ng bumili ng baby stuff pag nag grocery ka.

    happy GT!

  5. conratulations on the coming baby. Ako din baby number 2 is due on nov 10, so balik na kami uli suki ng baby items section :)

    here's whats on my shopping list:

  6. nice picks! since I started living alone here in UAE i usually do the shopping by myself.. Oh how I missed my kids when we have to do the shopping as a family.. happy GT visit here.

  7. i haven't been to Gaisano, is it affordable there?

  8. wow, good luck to it gonna be a boy or a girl?
    take care, mommy:)

  9. aww.. congrats on the baby! although good luck on the diapers and milk expenses. LOL :D


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