Monday, December 13, 2010

11 days before Christmas

Eleven days more to go before Christmas Day. 

I remember spending Christmas at Zamboanga City. Years back I made it a point to be in my hometown on Christmas Holidays. I love to spend the holidays with my parents, but now they are gone and I having my own family I guess that will never happen again, But nevertheless, I want to live with the tradition  that my parents had started, spending the day and spending love together with our loved ones on the day Jesus Christ was born.

This year's Christmas will be very meaningful to us because a very special gift was given to us, our son our first born. Hubby and I will be spending our first Christmas together with our cute little angel Javen Xyrus.


  1. Jan, magvirtual binyag ka .. heheheh.. di ko alam paano kalit lang nako ninang ko.. hahahaha! salamat diay sa laag.. balik-balik ba..heheheh.

  2. hahaha.. pwede sad ate Vernz.. nice idea!

  3. It's never too late to make new family traditions with your husband and newborn baby boy.

    I'm sure your parents are happy and are smiling down on you and always watching over you. They will always be there for you in spirit.


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