Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GT: Eat Out in Iligan City

I'm not really a fan of kare-kare but when I tried the dish at Delecta I started craving for more. Seems that my perspective had change with just one taste of kare-kare from Delecta. So guys just in case you'll visit Iligan City try visit a small restaurant along Aguinaldo St. and try their menu, I'm sure you'll like it. 

And also try their sweet potato salad too.


  1. hala hala!!! I love kare-kare!! nawawala ako sa wisyo!! nyahaha!!!

    I haven't tried sweet potato salad Sis, parang masarap yang gawin sa bhay!! nyahaha

    Happy GT ^_^

  2. Oh dear!!I'm craving for that as in now na talaga!!!\(^0^)/

  3. lami man ang kare-kare Jan oi... kanang kamote nimu himu ko ana sa pasko.. hehehe.. salamat sa laag.

  4. Wow ang cheesy ng potato salad! Sarap naman!

    my Girls Talk post

  5. Awww.. I'm not a big fan of Kare-kare. Medyo hindi ko feel kainin. Pero sabi ng nanay ko, masarap raw.. Though Im sure na masarap nga, hindi pa rin ako kumakain..

    But that potato salad looks delish!

    Happy GT Thursday!

  6. i love kare-kare! one of my favorite dishes..

  7. oh i love kare-kare, i'm starving right now!

  8. my two favorites! oh my! if in the future i get the chance to go to iligan, i will definitely go eat at delecta :D


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