Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pork Humba

One of the menu we've prepared on Xye's 1st Month Birthday was "humba" or braised pork. Hubby and I haven't tried cooking humba before so instead of asking our friend to cook for us, we searched the internet for recipe and cooking instruction and viola! we we're able to prepare a delicious meal.

Thank you Panlasang Pinoy for the recipe. Ciao!



  1. Love this! With two cups of rice please ;-)

  2. i think Humba is a Kapampangan dish. an officemate from Angeles City used to bring this to the office on her birthday.:p

  3. I was served this at a friend's birthday, I thought it was adobo.. sabi ko kakaibang approach sa adobo, yun pala humba. Sarap!

    my Food Trip Friday post

    Happy weekends!

  4. Oh boy looks great..Happy FTF!

  5. This is what I'm so dying to learn how to make.


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