Friday, December 23, 2011

New Companions

I'm saying goodbye to coffee for now and welcomes my new companions ProMama Milk Drink and Folic Acid capsules.

I have not opened this milk box yet because, my OB gave me 1 box of Anmum Milk so I cannot
describe what's the taste of this one. Anyway, I'm sure it tastes the same after all they are of the same family. lol...

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Water Catching

Xye was curiously catching the water as it pours, but after a while he discovered where it came from, his goal has changed and he's trying to reach out for the pink cup, the water source. lol..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coffee + Snowflakes

This was the combination that I had on December 4, 2011 at Krispy Kreme in SM Mall of Asia.

Just a Perfect Combination!


The Funeral

This morning most of us, employees from our department went to attend the funeral of our officemate's wife and 2 children who lost their lives on December 17, 2011 flash flood. An unexpected tragedy that devastated Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City.

So many of our officemates were affected but Mr. Cruz had suffered the most. He lost not only all his belongings and properties but as well as members of his family, his beloved wife and his two children.

All of us wish and pray for him to continue his life together with his 2 remaining children.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 17 What’s something you wish you could say to someone?

I wished I could have said these three words "I LOVE YOU" to my mom, dad and elder sister before they passed away. But I wasn't able to, because on the day they died I was not around of near them.

When my mom died in 2007 I was working in Manila, my brother had called me up around 12 midnight to tell be the bad news. I flew to Zamboanga City the following morning, and my mom was already inside the casket.

Same thing with my dad when he passed away in 2009, I was in Iligan City that time, my brother informed me and I arrived home 12 hours after he called me.

My greatest regret also is not seeing my elder sister before she died, I was in Iligan too and she was confined in Zamboanga City for a week. I wasn't able to rush home while she's still alive. I could have talked to her and told her to hang on for her life. But it was too late, I only able to talk to her lifeless body when I arrived by her side.

These are the words I wished I could have said to my loved ones before they left us and joined our Almighty Father. These wishes will only remain wishes and will never come true.

Day 16 What do people notice about you?

People who knows me from before always comment that I have gone from petite to super big. Yep! There's nothing else that they notice about me but my physical appearance. Though it hurts to accept the fact. lol..

Anyway, I'll try to slim down again maybe 3 years from now. I still want to have two more children and after that I will really start losing those fats away. So help me God! winks*

Day 15 What do you dislike most about yourself?

-I'm not really a person who highly thinks about herself. I'm a person who sometimes wants to be alone and hide from someone's else back. I tend to be shy and sometimes do not want to talk to anybody.

-Should I say I'm good in numbers because I'm in engineering field but I'm really poor in English. Thus, I created this blog as a place where I can practice my writing skills, if there is.

-I'm a person who always aspires for the best but takes time to accept the fall.

-An impulsive buyer and materialistic sometimes.

These are the characteristics I hate about myself.

Day 14 What do you like most about yourself?

Putting God and my family first before anything else are what I liked about myself. Though I seldom go to church but I know in my heart that I love God and my faith in him will never change.

I'm a person who wants to excel in everything I do, though sometimes it's hard for me to accept things that went wrong but always tries to cope up and adjust.

I'm an impulsive buyer but sometimes refrains from being one after becoming a mom.

Those are some of my qualities I can consider I loved about me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chicago Bulls Fan

Whenever I visited SM, I always check-out Babies Section for new NBA shirts and jogging pants. Last week they have more NBA team designs on display.

I bought one set of Chicago Bulls (sando+jogging pants) for Xye. I wanted to buy the team Dallas too but there are no large size available.

Though Xye can still wear his medium size Celtics and Lakers sando and shorts that I have bought when he was still 3 months old but this time I bought one size larger.

And he looks so handsome in his new Chicago sando, although he is wearing an old ukay-ukay shorts.

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Day 13 Have you ever had your heart broken?

Day 13 - Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever broken a heart?

I consider myself as a very lucky person, because I met a person who is not perfect in anyway but I know who had loved me from the start and will continue to love me until the end.

He is the my first ever boyfriend turned husband after 7 years of relationship + 3 years of married life. Therefore, we've known each other for 10 years already.

Thus I never experienced a broken heart before nor I ever broke another's heart.

I always have a happy heart with me.

Wish Come True

As much as possible I wanted to complete these 30 days blog challenge that I have given myself but I ended up filling in each challenge late. Just like this challenge that is supposed to be for Day 12 but on my counting it is already eight (8) days late.

Anyway better late than never right?

Day 12 is about wishing for something that would come I true.

I've started wishing for something about 3-4 months ago, that is to conceive another child. Since our son is already 1 year an a month old hubby and I wanted to have another addition to our family and God had heard our prayers and had given us another gift.

Yes, I have it confirmed this afternoon by visiting my OB and indeed I am already 5-6 weeks pregnant. Yahooo!

This is our best Christmas Gift ever this year. Thank you so much Lord for hearing our prayers. From this day onward I am taking another journey, a very challenging yet fulfilling journey of being a woman.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Go Diego GO!

Here's some Go Diego GO! dvds that I've bought in SM Mall of Asia two weeks ago. My son really love watching these and smiles every time he hears Diego's jolly music.

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Aftermath of Storm Sendong in Iligan City

Northern Mindanao or the Mindanao as a whole is seldom hit by cyclones but today storm Sendong ravaged some parts of Mindanao. Around 2am this morning, December 17, 2011 flash flood had devastated Iligan City.

Thank God that the muddy flood had not reached our area. But I feel badly for others who were greatly affected especially people living at low laying areas near Mandulog and Tubod Rivers.

Properties were greatly damaged, some people were missing and some were found dead.

Here are some of the photos I have taken while passing along Tubod Bridge and Mandulog Bridge on our way to Lugait, Misamis Oriental this afternoon around 12:30PM.

Affected by the overflow or Tubod River

Badly damaged by the overflow of Mandulog River

Let us all pray to Our Almighty Father to help the victims of this tragedy.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Nine West Women's Bag

Yesterday, Ann (my office mate) and I went to her friend that sells imported stuffs like branded bags, wallets and cosmetics. My intention to go along with her is to buy a new ladies bag for myself knowing that her friend sells those stuffs cheaper than others. And I was able to bring home this Nine West bag and some cosmetics.

paid P2300 for this bag
These are the cosmetics I've chosen. I'm not so sure If I'll be able to religiously use these. lol

Maybelline face powder - P430
L'orreal Touch-on Color for eyes and cheeks - P280
L'orreal HIP Jelly Lip Balm - P190

It's nice sometimes to buy something girly for myself. winks*

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Free Christmas Lunch

Our company had given us free lunch today. And this is what's on my plate.

fish fillet, fresh lumpia, fried chicken, rice, piece of lechon, macaroni salad and potato salad.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 11- Who can’t you live without?

My answer to the question above is... I can't live without my family. My husband and my little prince Xyrus. I live and will continue living until the end for them because they are the love of my life, my light, my inspiration.

Photos taken on Father's Day last June 2011