Monday, February 7, 2011

Gone Are My Worries

On Sunday Jan 30, 2011 my baby had continuous vomiting staring 9PM onwards, I was afraid he'll get dehydrated after about 5 throw ups. I rushed him to the hospital at 1:00AM January 31. 

My little angel suffered from bacterial infection that cause him to have diarrhea. We stayed for 2 days at the hospital until his condition improved. On Wednesday morning his pediatrician approved his discharged and gave us prescriptions and instruction for his continues medication at home. Baby xye had to take suspension antibiotic (zinnat) and erceflora for diarrhea for 5 days and pedialite for hydration.

On Saturday, gone are my worries he's sick no more. Well, I learned so much from this experience, yayas should be guided accordingly, have to follow-up everything from food preparation, bottle sterilizing and everything. Because babies are most delicate and should be kept away from bacterias, virus or anything that invites them.
Here's some remnants from his hospitalization...
 patient's tag

  dextrose spot

 after discharge