Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Angels Brought Me Here

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It's been a while again since I've posted something for Girl Talk. Got so many many tasks that need to be done in the office, I wasn't able to sneak and go online. And aside from that I been busy preparing for my baby's Christening. Thank You Lord everything went well on his big day.

So much for my busy bee days, today I finally had time to post for Girl Talk. 

When I read the themes for March the first song that came into my mind and is perfect for today's theme "Music of My Heart" is "Angels Brought Me Here".

My dreams came true, when i found you
I found you, my miracle... 

If you could see, what i see, that you're the answer to my prayers
And if you could feel, the tenderness i feel
You would know, it would be clear, that angels brought me here...

This is actually our wedding song. The angels did brought my husband & I together.

Happy Thursday Girlies!


  1. wow i love that song, too! a fitting expression of your love for each other...happy gt!!

  2. i love the la divas version of that song... :) such a nice song... and i do believe that partners are answered prayers :)

  3. I like that song too, angels brought me here.

    Congrats to your baby, welcome to the christian world

  4. Awww great song choice. happy GT dear! :)

    Mine's up here.

  5. aaaaw thatis a wonderful, apt wedding song =)

    my GT is here

  6. This song is really memorable to me. Hay, it brings back memories...

  7. I love this song! Happy GT!

    My entry is also up:

  8. love this song, girl! especially the original version..

  9. Hi sis visiting from GT: Music of My Heart..

    Took me a while to comment to others lalo na sa mga new songs i still have to hit the play button...but your song is one song that I knew even without the audio...

    I love it

    Nadaan at nainlove sa iyong awitin

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  10. This is really lovely and sweet. Wala na nakaka inlove na talaga...

  11. weeee, i love this song. Brings tears to my eyes whenever i listen to it.

    Have a great week girlfriend, here's my entry for this week's GT.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  12. that is such a sweet song! and yes, it did make me cry a bit when i really listed to the song. just beautiful!


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